Destiny 2 Xur location and items, Dec. 18-22

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The weekly exotic vendor, Xur, can be found in random locations around the world of Destiny. Inside destiny 2, can appear anywhere on the map as well as in the tower. This week you can find Xur in the EDCStanding on a cliff overlooking the winding bay.


Image: Bungie over Polygon

Xur’s inventory this week consists of the following:

  • The Jade Rabbit, Scout Rifle – 29 legendary shards
  • Foetracer, Hunter Helm: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Separation Enclosure, Titan Chest: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Fel Winter Helm, Warlock Helm: 23 legendary shards
  • Exotic Engram – 97 legendary shards (you can now buy a second one with an exotic number)
  • Exotic Cipher Quest: Free

Xur’s items drop to a similar level of performance as your character.

the jade rabbit

The Jade Rabbit is an Exotic making a return determination. Once a PlayStation exclusive, this scout rifle has just one notable perk. the The fate of all fools The Exotic Perk causes chained body shots to stack damage and return ammo to the clip on their next precision shot. The weapon also has extra stability and shells that deal extra damage to shields.

The Jade Rabbit is much better due to the Scout Rifle’s recent damage increase. If you don’t have it yet, you should get it.


tracker is by far one of the strongest PvP exotics in destiny 2. Her relentless stalker The perk automatically tracks enemies through walls and deals bonus damage to enemies with low health. While the bonus damage is nice, it’s the tracking utility that makes this helmet shine. Every hunter should have this helmet.

Xur’s role this week has a total of 62 stats.

separation housing

separation housing it’s an exotic twilight season. Your Exotic Perk is Spheromatic trigger. Objects killed in melee cause an explosion. Finishers increase the range and power of the blast, as do more powerful enemy kills.

This exotic is unlikely to be useful for late game activities. But it’s a really cool effect if you just want to run around the world of Destiny and hit things like Titans are used to.

Xur’s role this week has a total of 58 stats.

Felwinter Helm

Felwinter Helm is a new exotic wizard in Season of the Worthy. Your Exotic Perk is The End of the Warlord. This perk causes elemental attacks to explode, weakening nearby enemies caught in the blast. Killing a powerful enemy or using a finisher increases potency. It’s an interesting exotic worth having in your Warlock’s arsenal. He is also very handsome.

Xur’s role this week has a total of 62 stats.

Exotic Cipher Quest


Image: Bungie over Polygon

Out of beyond the light, Xur has a new search for an exotic cipher. You can use Exotic Cipher to buy old exotics at the Monuments To Lost Light kiosk in the tower. You need these items and other currencies to collect Exotics like Heir Apparent, Truth, etc.

This week, Xur wants you to complete 21 strikes or win Crucible or Gambit matches. Completing the quest will give you an exotic cipher to use as you please.

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