Destiny 2 Xur location and items, April 2-6


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The weekly exotic vendor, Xur, can be found in random locations around the world of Destiny. Inside destiny 2, can appear anywhere on the map as well as in the Tower. This week see Xur at nessstand on a branch big tree through observer grave.


Image: Bungie over Polygon

Xur’s inventory this week consists of the following:

  • Arbalest, Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle – 29 Legendary Shards
  • Orpheus Rig, Hunter Legs: 23 legendary shards
  • Rampant Lion, Titan Legs – 23 legendary shards
  • Aeon Soul, Warlock Chest: 23 legendary shards
  • Exotic Engram – 97 legendary shards (you can now buy a second one with an exotic number)
  • Exotic Cipher Quest: Free

Xur’s items drop to a similar level of performance as your character.


crossbow is the exotic in The Revelry 2019 holiday event. Its exotic perk is composite power, where the weapon deals additional damage to shielded enemies. It also gets stronger after destroying an enemy shield.

Arbalest is unique in many ways. It’s the first kinetic fusion rifle and an amazing tool for destroying shields (usually something reserved for energy weapons). This weapon isn’t the most impressive everyday exotic, but it’s very powerful in certain situations.

Orpheus Rig

Orpheus Rig is one of the best Exotics in the game. His main assets strange arrows, generates additional Super Energy for each enemy attached to Shadowshot. The Mobius Quiver variant also wins more rolls. With Orpheus Rig, a well-placed Hunter Super can quickly begin to regenerate their Super. This is extremely useful in a few different endgame scenarios, including Nightfalls and Raids. These were significantly nerfed a few years ago, but are still very powerful. If you like Nightstalker, you have to have these legs.

Xur’s role this week has a total of 61 stats.

wild lion

wild lion It’s a great exotic to have in certain situations. Its main advantage is jump jets, which provides additional mobility in the air and now allows for a more accurate hip throw in the air. It might not sound like much (and most of the time it isn’t), but some players swear by it in PvP and certain jump activities like the Gauntlet or Reactor Room. Pick them up and keep them close by; You never know when you’ll need a more precise jump.

Xur’s role this week has a total of 61 stats.

aeon soul

aeon soul it’s a pair of Warlock Gauntlets Curse of Osiris. These Exotics have recently been redesigned and now work the same as Aeon Safe for Titans and Aeon Swift for Hunters. The Aeon Soul doesn’t really have an exotic perk. Players can apply powerful and unique mods working to help them and their allies.

These mods are free and reside in an additional mod slot. They give you bonuses like faster reloads for yourself when you land precision hits. They also grant bonuses to your allies, such as B. Extra energy when you stun a champion. There are three unique mods to choose from, each with unique effects for you and your allies. The mods are the same for all Aeon Exotic.

Xur’s role this week has a total of 60 stats.

Exotic Cipher Quest


Image: Bungie over Polygon

Out of beyond the light, Xur has a new search for an exotic cipher. You can use Exotic Cipher to buy old exotics at the Monuments to Lost Light kiosk in the tower. You need these items and other currencies to collect Exotics like Heir Apparent, Truth, etc.

This week, Xur wants you to complete 21 strikes or win Crucible or Gambit matches. Completing the quest will give you an exotic cipher to use as you please.

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