Destiny 2 weapon review: Is the Horror Story auto rifle worth grinding for?


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The Horror Story Auto Rifle is the exclusive weapon for destiny 2‘s Festival of the Lost, 2018. It’s essentially a remake of Year One’s Vanguard Origin Story Auto Rifle, with a solid shot that’s guaranteed to be reduced to 600 power. But getting the horror story will cost you a lot of shattered souls, so you might be wondering, “Is it worth my time?”

In this review, we’ll help you answer them.

How to get Horror Story?

During the Festival of the Lost, which runs from October 16th to November 6th this year, Amanda will sell Holliday Horror Story for 120 Fragmented Souls. It’s a pretty hefty price tag, although it’s pretty easy to figure out if you’re willing to spend some time in the Enchanted Forest and complete Amanda’s weekly bounty. Her bounty requires you to complete 15 Festival of the Lost bounties daily, and she awards Masterwork Cores and 40 Fragmented Souls.

As long as you go to Branch 7 of the Enchanted Forest every barrel, you’ll need around 12 barrels to get this automatic rifle. Splitting up your grind and completing Amanda’s Bounty along the way will require at least three days of bounties to do so, you only need eight races.

Perks of Horror Story and Masterpiece

Horror Story comes with a decent reel. Its main advantage is Butcher’s shop, which increases your damage by 3x after a kill and is great for auto rifles. The other benefit is Instant Zen, increases weapon stability when dealing damage. The masterpiece that is fully updated is reload speed.


Bungie/Activation via Polygon

Is Horror Story a good thing?

That’s the last question here, and unfortunately it’s very easy to answer: Horror Story is a bad auto rifle.

Stability and maneuverability are decent for this weapon, and range is fantastic. But the impact, which is best thought of as damage, is very small, making the weapon look more like a peashooter than an automatic rifle. Trying to reach the first stack of Rampage is a chore, but dealing out a significant amount of damage feels necessary.

Automatic rifles are currently not the best destiny 2, but Horror Story seems particularly lacking. When we brought the weapon into the Crucible, we couldn’t get a single solo kill with Rumble. In Strikes and the Haunted Forest, the weapon feels just underperforming. If you want to use an automatic rifle in the haunted forest, we recommend a high-impact frame rifle like the old Link that you can get from Last Wish Raid.

Horror Story could be good one day if Bungie improves auto rifle damage, especially on console where you can enjoy Zen Moment. But for now, the gun on PC is a disappointment.

If you are full of Fragmented Souls by the end of the Festival of the Lost or want to complete it, Horror Story is worth checking out. But if you have limited time to devote to the Feast of the Lost, avoid it. I’d rather have a Shaxx cosmetic skin than this auto rifle.

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