Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Nightfall matchmaking and scoring explainer



destiny 2it’s new shadowguard The extension is packed with new features, but some of the best are more subtle. These more discreet changes include the addition of matchmaking to some Nightfall Strikes.

are night strikes determination twoLate game hardest hits. Oftentimes some of the most powerful rewards in the game are locked upon completion. Until the release of shadowguard, Nightfalls required a full fireteam of three players (unless you want to take on an even harder challenge and compete with just one or two players).

shadowguardHowever, the release of Nightfalls has been updated. It’s now called Nightfall: The Ordeal and includes four difficulty modes. The two lowest difficulties include matchmaking. These lower difficulty Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes have a light requirement of 750 – the lowest possible light for shadowguard – and 920 for the above. They also have fewer modifiers than the higher Lighthit and don’t progress as much towards the powerful weekly reward. But you can still use them to complete anything that requires a Nightfall to unlock, from bounties to quests.

The only exception to this rule are missions that require a certain score, typically 100,000. Since there are fewer modifiers on lower difficulty Nightfalls, you will also get lower scores. This means that the easiest and most consistent way to reach 100,000 is with a coordinated team on one of the harder Nightfall: The Ordeal difficulties.

The two most difficult versions of Nightfall: The Ordeal, which recommended light levels of 950 and 980, will remain unmatched for now. That means players who want an extra challenge still need to find teammates. But adding matchmaking to lower difficulty Nightfalls should make the content more accessible to ensure everyone can try it out.

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