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Inside Destiny 2: Shadow Warden, there are many new sources of powerful items. And since all players start equally at 750 power, the power routine is much easier than before. However, there are still many tricks you can use when trying to build your Guardian’s strength.

If you want to participate in the Garden of Salvation raid race, or just want to keep up with Destiny’s more difficult content, you’ll need to level up wisely. We can help.

This is how you get 950 hp destiny 2: Shadow Guardianand keep pushing with pinnacle drops.

Step 1: Reach 900

With determination 2: Shadow Warden, 900 is the top. This is the level where you will no longer see power buffs from random blue items.

He wants to get to 900 as soon as possible shadowguard — ideally before the start of the campaign. There are some good ways to do this.

return tokens

If you are a veteran destiny 2 Players, you probably have a surplus of planetary tokens or materials to trade at various merchants. Leveling up these vendors will earn you rewards as you increase your Might to 900. If you feel like dropping hundreds or thousands of tokens on your first character, you’ll get through this process much quicker than the alternative.

completion of activities

Anyone can do this, regardless of how many items are left over from previous seasons. You can host Crucible Matches, Strikes, Public Events, Lost Sectors, or whatever you like to increase your power. Whenever it drops blue loot, it can increase your level.

play that shadowguard country

If you lose the first stage, you’ll likely have around 860 or 870 by the end of the campaign.

The reason we don’t recommend starting the campaign before 900 is that the campaign tends to drop decent items for you even if you’re too good for all the missions. This is partly due to a new system where most blue items fall into your team’s max score. This means if you are 902 and have a helm at 898, a new blue helm can drop for you at 902, giving you a huge boost even after you hit the soft cap.

At the end of the campaign, Ikora will give you a class-specific Exotics. This drop is known as a pinnacle drop, meaning it offers massive power gains. Whether you use the token method or not, you’ll need to farm up to 900 before you can collect loot from Ikora.

complete challenges


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At 900 you will unlock new challenges throughout the solar system. They are marked with a gold star on a blue background in the target menu.

There are several new or revamped challenges this season, and Bungie has pulled many of the older ones. Hovering over a challenge icon will give you detailed descriptions of how to complete it.

Strong drops are not all the same. Tier 1 drops provide small boosts to your maximum team power level. Tier 2 drops offer slightly more than Tier 1 drops, with Pinnacle drops offering five or more additional powers on top of your current level.

Here are all the challenges currently available Destiny 2: Shadowkeep:

  • Complete three playlist strikes in the same subclass as Daily Burn (Level 1)
  • Complete Nightfall: The Trial. Earn five completion points by completing on different difficulty levels (Level 1)
  • Earn 100,000 points in a single race Nightfall: The Ordeal (Pinnacle)
  • Complete any three Gambit matches (Level 2)
  • Complete four Crucible matches in the primary playlists (Tier 1)
  • Complete four Crucible matches on rotating playlists (Tier 1)
  • Complete the Flashpoint on the weekly featured planet (Tier 1)
  • Complete eight Gambit contracts (Level 1)
  • Complete eight gunsmith contracts (Level 1)
  • Complete eight Crucible bounties (Tier 1)
  • Complete eight Strike Bounties (Level 1)
  • Earn Clan XP (Tier 2)
  • Weekly Lunar Bounty (Tier 1)
  • Full Memory of Eris Fireteam (Level 1)
  • Complete three nightmare hunts on the moon (level 1)

improve your artifact


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Your seasonal artifact can give you a power bonus that increases your combat ability without affecting your light level. This bonus applies to all your characters and is a great way to level up content simply by playing the game.

Our best advice for leveling up your artifact is to always work towards some kind of reward. The rewards give a lot of XP and the artifact tiers get more and more expensive with every level up.

Note that your character’s new power gauge system is very confusing with the bonus power system. You need to hover over your power to see what separates your gear’s power from your artifact’s power.

Repeat on other characters

When you’re done with your first character, it’s time to enroll in a new class and start over. Just like before, you want to make sure you get to 900 first and then start the rest.

Reaching 900 is very easy for a new character. Transfer all of your first character’s high tier weapons to give them an instant boost. Then go to your seasonal deals to get any seasonal armor you’ve unlocked. With either system, you should probably be in the 850s before you start using tokens or power grinding.

How do I get 950+?

Once you hit 950, the only way to get higher is by getting Pinnacle bounties like 100,000 point Nightfall: The Ordeal. We’ll have a better idea of ​​exactly how to get above 950 once players start hitting that level.

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