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Royal Pools on Prestige is by far the toughest fight in the entire raid, including Calus. In the normal version of the fight, you run around the arena, replenishing your buff and eliminating enemies. The Prestige version doesn’t change much in terms of mechanics, but each enemy is much more deadly on its own. If you’re not sure how the normal version of this fight works, we’ve got you covered in our guide to Royal Pools Without Prestige.

Here’s how to handle the greatest difficulty of real pools.

Ceremonial bathers oiled



The first thing you might notice at the beginning of this encounter is the new adjective attached to bathers. These enemies will now be known as Ceremonial bathers oiled. Oiled up ceremonial bathers not only have significantly more health and deal more damage, but also drop a puddle of oil on death. If you stand in this puddle, you will lose a lot psionic protection quickly.

Since you must aim to kill beachgoers before they get close to your plate, this mechanic will rarely trigger.

painful twist



This fight is not difficult due to a new mechanic. It’s hard because enemies can kill you much faster. The additions in the normal version of this fight were essentially useless and only existed to annoy you or distract you from the bather. In prestige mode, the Legionnaires Y psi Those who rush your plate are the most dangerous enemies in the entire battle.

To deal with these additions, you need to place your strongest limbs on the bottom right and bottom left plates. Due to the increase in oiled ceremonial bathers and the added difficulty, rotations will be much slower. These bottom-plate players have to deal with their float and supplements on their own.

Learning where the ingredients in each dish come from is key to surviving this battle. The bottom left and top right enemies should spawn to your right, while the bottom right and top left look for complements to your left. These plugins have to die before they hide behind you, otherwise they’ll become trouble the moment your float shows up. To prevent this, kill them when they enter your area.

You should use a kinetic weapon that can stagger the beachgoer and a grenade that deals damage over time. Our group had success with Sweet Business or Better Devils. Your energy weapon should be a medium range energy auto rifle like Uriel’s Gift or Number. You should use this energy weapon to kill the aggregates when they get close to you. Fusion Rifles are your best bet when it comes to power weapons that deal heavy damage to Bathers and Censors. Our group used Merciless or the main ingredient.

When your ally picks you up, you’ll have to take a little more time to remove the ads. Let your ally take care of the next wave of new arrivals or help them get rid of them if there are still new arrivals from the last wave. When you get to the middle zone, take out as many Cabal as you can before you get more Psi Protection. Once you refresh your buff, move on to your next dish and help this ally clean his room.

After much practice, the chains will snap into place and the damage phase will begin.

kill the censors



Not much has changed in this phase. Once your entire group has reached the center, don’t jump on the plate. Work as a team to eliminate all enemies and kill the first swimmer that appears. Once Bather is down and the room is relatively clear, have five members jump onto the plate while the sixth spawns their Super to remove the ad. If you have a hunter with Raiden Flux, have him run Arcstrider to remove ads very quickly. Keep shooting censors and use supers on ads.



As soon as the Psion appears in the middle of the solar panel, the damage time ends. Four players are marked with “Charge of Dignity”. An icon will appear on the Psion for these four players. Each player must look over the Psion, call out the symbol they see and run to the appropriate tile. If you have the Charge of Dignity, you can only get Psionic Protection from this special plate.

If you die with the burden of dignity, it will not return when you rise. This means a player can never gain psionic protection, essentially wiping out the team. Don’t die after the damage phase ends. Once all four players have jumped onto their commanded plate, the two unloaded players can pick up Psionic Protection in the middle room.

From there, the rest of the fight stays the same. However, since the plates are randomly awarded, the teams will be completely different from the first phase. It just requires more communication and flexibility. The middle player always picks up the top one, who then runs to the middle and then revives the bottom one. Nothing changes except which players replace you and where you start.

Once the chains lock a second time, go back to the middle room and take out the remaining censors.

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