Destiny 2 Leviathan raid guide: The best armor, weapons and exotics for the Gauntlet


The Gauntlet is one of three challenges in destiny 2Leviathan Raid. For this encounter, bring a kinetic auto rifle, an energy weapon with some range, and powerful weapons that can quickly take down a centurion. This guide will recommend how to set up your characters to succeed in Calus’ ghastly death race.

The best kinetic, energy and power weapons

Different types of weapons are great for different types of battles. In this section, we give you tips on what types of firearms you should use and why.

Kinetics: Auto Rifle

This battle has only one battle stage. When the fight starts, enemies will come out of every door. Due to the large number of opponents, an automatic rifle is ideal here. Since the enemies are stacked, missing a shot is harmless enough, and most cars can kill enemies from one side in a single clip.

Automatic rifles are useful in other places as well. If you’re a shooter in this fight, shooting the triangle doesn’t always work the way you want it to. A shot generally doesn’t work if it’s not perfectly timed. Being able to fire half a magazine very quickly will save you a few passes through this section.

Energy: Scout Rifle

If this kinetic car isn’t accurate enough, use a scout rifle. They can be quite far from your triangle. If you want to be precise, use a scout rifle to shoot your target from afar.

An Energy Scout Rifle can also be very useful for dealing with enemies on other tiles. If your allies don’t survive their army of enemies, the entire team loses. Being able to help them is critical to success.

Energy: Rocket Launchers, Fusion Rifles, and Sniper Rifles

Like many encounters in Leviathan Raid, this battle depends on your powerful weapon. While waves of enemies can be difficult, one centurion can cause a lot of trouble in a group. If you can get yours fast enough to help an ally with theirs, you might just be able to save a friend.

For these enemies you will need a rocket launcher, fusion rifle or sniper rifle. These three weapons allow for medium-range combat. Since centurions can get mean if you get too close, stay away from shotguns or swords unless you’re particularly brave. It’s worth noting that if you can afford to switch your weapon’s energy element to Solar, it would help you take down Centurions even faster here.


Sunshot (exotic hand cannon)



Sunshot is one of the best Exotics for this fight. Due to his Exotic perk Sun Blast, Sunshot detonates enemies you kill and deals damage to all nearby enemies. If you’re quick, you can kill the Psion with a headshot on the Cabal three-pack as soon as they walk out the door. This causes them to explode, damaging and stunning their allies. Hit one of the others and they will explode as well.

Sunshot fires quickly and can take down enemies incredibly quickly. Thanks to his solar element, he can even take out centurions quickly. The only downside here is that you have to swap out your scout rifle for this, which isn’t a problem at all if you’re a runner or have an experienced group.

Merciless (Exotic Fusion Rifle)

It’s a great melta. If you decide to take it with you, it will be used as the Centurion Killer. The Reckless Exotic perk lets you pump into a Centurion round after round in a matter of seconds. It even deals sun damage, which destroys its shields and causes it to explode.

Sins of the Past or Curtain Call (Legendary Rocket Launcher)

We merged these two missiles together because they have cluster bombs (the missiles create mini-explosives on impact that deal even more damage). They have very different stats, however, and we prefer Sins of the Past for the blast radius and auto-reload on save. You just have to know that you can use both.

The Sins of the Past Rocket excels in this fight. If you manage to destroy the Centurion’s shield with a Sunshot or Solar Scout rifle, you can wipe out the rest of his health with a single flare. If you’re accurate and able to lock on a target (which is sometimes difficult due to the Centurion’s slow and unpredictable movements), a missile also comes in very handy for helping allies take out their Centurion.

The Long Road (Legendary Sniper Rifle)

The Long Walk is an ideal sniper rifle here as it is very accurate and deals extremely high damage. However, since this is the Trials of the Nine sniper and is therefore quite hard to get, any high-hit sniper will do.

Bringing a sniper is perfect if you want to be a more caring player. If you’re fast and accurate, you can take out your own Centurion before it even gets through the door. Then you can turn your attention to your allies. For experienced players, this is a great option.

Titan Striker, Earthquake Code

As with almost all Leviathan raid battles, the titans should be running. Attackers with dual pulse grenades. His Super is also great for taking down a wave of enemies very quickly.


Helping you cover distance quickly and maintain your momentum is incredibly important for runners, and these are the best boots for that. For snipers, these will come in handy in the final run, but their real strength is in helping you rush in to help allies in the early stages. Speed ​​is everything in the Gauntlet, so why not compete against it?

Gunslinger Hunter, Path of the Marksman or Nightstalker, Path of the Trapper

Hunters don’t really have a huge range of subclasses. So instead of choosing a very strong class like we’re going to do with Warlock and Titan, we can choose between two middle options. Gunslinger is great for killing centurions and appendages, while Nightstalker is great for staying safe and helping allies.

heavenly night owl

If you want to be a gunslinger, you want this helmet. While this fight never requires extreme damage, Celestial Nighthawk lets you shoot down a Centurion at any range. When you finish yours and see an ally fighting, you can spawn Golden Gun and instantly relieve them.

Orpheus Rig



It’s a very powerful exotic if you can use it well. Binding your Shadowshot allows you to bind to most enemies and refunds you a ton of super energy. Shoot in the center, just below your triangle, and all enemies will get stuck. Since you can use your Super more freely, you can also return it to an ally for help.

Warlock Stormcaller, Attunement to the Elements

The Stormcaller storyline is very similar to the Striker Titan storyline. Stormtrance is great at removing ads, and the Pulse Grenade is extremely powerful when thrown in front of a door.

cross steps

You will run at some point in this fight. These boots are really useful for the running section as they increase your speed and just like the Dunemarchers, they help you face your allies’ plates. In a fight where most exotics don’t matter, this one will stand out.

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