Destiny 2 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds raid lair guide: The Reactor


When you start your journey to the first Leviathan raid hideout Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris, you realize that things are going downhill. Down, down, down, you’ll delve deeper into the belly of the great eater of the world than you ever thought possible. After the descent and the waterfall, you face the first task of this raid camp – crossing the reactor.

The Reactor is a multi-stage encounter mostly focused on platform jumping. Platforms rise from the fetid purple mud in front of your fireteam. Only one player can stand on it at a time, otherwise the platform will sink into the slime and kill everyone on board. To advance to more platforms, you must have players on the previous platform.

Getting through this encounter is easy if you know where to go. Think of it like ducks crossing a street together: a single line with one duck leading the rest. Your first player is your mother duck, the others are her ducklings. Technically, enemies will shoot at you in this section, but they won’t really bother you.

reactor 1

The first section of the reactor is the easiest to navigate. Create a mission for your squad.

  • Blow player 1 onto the first reactor platform.
  • Wait a moment for the second platform to appear, then jump to platform two.
  • Player 2 must jump onto Platform 1 immediately.
  • Continue this process with player 3 after player 2 and player 4 after player 3 and so on.

The way here is very easy. Just make sure player 1 is still looking for a new jump point.

Once player 1 reaches the end of the platforms, the notification “The temperature of the reactor increasesis displayed. At this point, all platforms will turn red and begin to sink. Your squad should now run and jump onto the platform in front of you. Whenever you reach the last platform and the notification pops up, the old platforms will return for all the deceased players

reactor 2

This is where things get a little more complex, but not much more. The first platform of the second part appears on the right side of the safe zone.

  • Ask player 1 to jump on it.
  • Platform two appears on the left side of the safe area.
  • Player 2 should jump on it.
  • Player 1’s next platform should appear.
  • Player 1 advances and player 3 replaces player 1.

Essentially they are broken down into even and odd.

It will go on like this, alternating each side, until one appears in the middle. Have the weird side team jump on it, which creates the final platform. Have player 2 jump on it, then run like hell to the safety block.

reactor 3

In Reactor 3 things start to get complicated.

  • Let Player 1 begin as usual.
  • Follow the path until all six players are on a platform.
  • At this point, a new platform will appear for player 6.
  • You must reverse the order for the rest of Reactor 3. However, players 1-3 cannot follow only one path. You have to take shortcuts by jumping onto other red platforms and the purple slime. Otherwise they sink and die.

The key here is to move and react quickly. As soon as there are open platforms in front, the first three players must reserve them. Try to be on the latest red platform whenever possible as these are all time based. As soon as more have been moved, the notification appears and you can continue.

reactor 4

This section really requires trial, error, memorization and communication. The platforms will rise as usual, prompting your team to jump onto them. However, after a few jumps, the pattern becomes more irregular, making it difficult for Player 1 to always take the lead. This is where communication comes into play. Players have to say when to jump and where to go.

  • Players 1, 2 and 3 will generally use the newer platforms.
  • Players 4, 5 and 6 will follow.
  • This section of the raid requires constant communication. So be sure to call who is going where.
  • Once a platform turns red, you need to start prioritizing its movement to keep it from sinking. Tell your team to move and find out who is on the oldest red.

After a little chaos, the platforms will be back together in one file line. Follow this path until the notification appears. After that you are at the end of the reactor.

Now is the time to fight.

Defeat the Loyalists

Now that you have reached the end, the cabal will really fight you. Luckily there is no real mechanic here. All you have to do is fend off waves of increasingly tough cabal. The new Osiris Exotics, Prometheus Lens, and The Colony do a great job here. Rockets and machine guns are also excellent.

The key to winning this section is not being conservative. Use the super, fire the rocket. There’s a lot of Cabal to kill and they drop a lot of ammo so you can always refill quickly. This includes energy ammunition. After defeating the last few enemies (several colossi? colossi?), Calus will interrupt you and award you a small chest for your troubles.

Time to delve deeper into the Leviathan.

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