Destiny 2 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds raid lair guide: Destroying Argos’ shell

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After falling through the shattered pieces of Nessus, fight your way through some asteroids. You and your team will find yourself in a huge arena. In the center of this arena stands Argos, planetary core, the final boss of this raid camp. But before we can defeat the boss, we must wake him from his sleep and remove the shell that surrounds him.

Before we start, let’s talk about the arena because that’s where you’ll spend the next two fights.

the sand

The arena for this and the next boss fight is divided into three sections. If you look at this room from top to bottom, you have them empty platform in the south, the bow platform to the northeast and sun platform between these platforms is a large amount of floating debris that your squad can use to traverse the map. At the center of all these platforms is the boss.

As mentioned above, each of the three platforms is associated with a specific element. This is due to the oven located in the center of each deck. Each oven section has three baking slots. what exactly are you cooking Vex Skull Secure.

In the debris field between the platforms, Vex Craniums will spawn (two per field). Players can pick them up and carry them. You can then place the Vex Skulls in an oven to bake them, which infuses them with a specific element. After about 20 seconds, the skull will pop out of the oven like toast from a toaster, allowing you to pick it up and shoot a laser beam from the penetrated item out of the head.

sweep mine

Now that we have an idea of ​​what the arena looks like and how to cook Craniums, it’s time to learn how to beat this boss.

Once you’ve collected your first skull, Argos will start spawning mines on one of the six shell pieces surrounding it. The mines come in threes and have a specific item associated with them. You have to take a skull, cook it in a certain element and shoot the corresponding mine. Once all mines in a certain part of the shell have been destroyed, that shell will disintegrate.

As the encounter continues, Argos will continue to spawn mines on the rest of its hull. This will progress clockwise from the first spawn location. If a single mine stays lit for too long, it will explode, killing the entire fireteam. Once you’ve cleared all 18 mines, you’ll reveal the boss and get some nice loot.

The strategy

Disabling mines is a little easier said than done. Warheads only have 40 ammo and it takes just under 25 to destroy a mine. Worse, Argos will keep spawning mines regardless of whether you destroy the previous shell or not. This can lead to many misunderstandings. To make this fight a little easier, we’re going to split our squad into two roles: riflemen and bodyguards.




The purpose of a bodyguard is to protect each furnace and cleanse the surrounding Vex. As a real bodyguard, you have to keep an eye out for me, too. If you see one, let the rest of your team know where it is and what the item is.

The three bodyguard players split up and each take a position in one of the three foursomes. Once you’re in position, all you have to do is kill things. However, if Argos has created mines in his line of sight, he must specify where they are (empty side, arc, or sun) and what element they are.

For example, if you’re the sun’s bodyguard and Argos spawns mines on either side of the hull facing the sun, you’d say “two arches and a void to the sunside” (or whatever here). This will help your shooters know what to do and where to go.

If your team falls behind and you’re absolutely certain it will come in handy, you can venture out, grab a skull and start cooking it up for your Marksman’s next return. Only do this if asked or if you know your shooter will need another skull in your element soon. Note that a minotaur will spawn every time you start cooking a new skull.




Don’t tell the bodyguards, but that’s the most important job. When the fight starts, grab a skull and wait for your bodyguards to call for the required items. You now need to coordinate with your fellow shooters. When the bodyguard says “a bow, a lot, and a gap on the side of the bow,” you need to figure out who’s doing what. Call one item, make sure the others are covered, and start cooking your cranium in your assigned oven.

You’ll find yourself hanging out with that oven’s bodyguard and all the other shooters cooking in the same spot. Over the next 20 seconds, help your allies remove Vex from the area. Once your Cranium has finished cooking, pick it up and move to the oldest mine on your assigned item. (Remember going clockwise past the first section.) If you need help identifying the eldest, remember that the longer a mine sits outside, the more it appears to thump and squirt, which means that it will soon explode.

Once you reach your mine’s defuse point, shoot it with the beam until it explodes. As long as you didn’t miss, you should have 15-17 ammo left. It shouldn’t be wasted. Assuming there are other mines currently on the hull clockwise from the one you just sent from, check to see if there is a mine of your element. If so, blast it with your remaining energy, that will make it easier next time. If not, use your remaining energy to knock back nearby Vex.

Have your entire fireteam repeat this process until you’ve defuse 18 mines. Congratulations, you just unlocked the privilege to fight the real boss.

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