Destiny 2 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds raid lair guide: Argos, Planetary Core

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Now that you’ve disarmed Argos, it’s time to remove it completely. Since you’ve already dominated the game space since the last encounter, it’s not too difficult to crack this one again. Emperor Calus required a lot of understanding and several step-by-step processes. Argos is different and much more about execution than understanding.

shield removal



While the hard shell may be gone, Argos is still surrounded by an impenetrable Vex shield. To remove it you need more Vex Skull.

When Argos first wakes up, you’ll find three orbs floating above and on either side of a white wisp. The white padlock shows you which side to shoot from, while the bullets tell you which item to use.

Each player must figure out which platform to gather on and which skulls to cook. Similar to removing the hull, the calls will be something like “empty platform, two bows and a sun”.

Divide your team into three groups instead of two this time. Combine a grenade ranged shooter with a bodyguard and place them on a specific item. Each team collects the two Vex Skulls that spawn to the right of their Forge at the start of the fight.

Have the marksman start cooking his in the specified element, but have the bodyguard wait for someone to do the elemental call. There’s a small chance you’ll need three of the same elements, so a bodyguard should always make sure to hold their Vex Cranium until they know all of the elements. Unless three copies of the same item are required, let the bodyguards bake their skulls in their forge as well.

When done correctly (and barring three-element anomalies), each elemental forge should have two Vex skulls in the kitchen. While the chef is on, Vex will jump out of each platform and attempt to kill each team. Take care of them with your Supers and Void Energy weapons. The platform players plan to meet on (which Argos also competes on) will have tons of Harpies to contend with in addition to their other Vex.

Once all of the Vex Craniums have finished cooking, collect them and head to the designated shooting platform. Here the players announce which skulls they will take with the skulls that match a specific energy ball. Players must then shoot a laser beam at their given ball of energy.

When the right object is hit, the ball will slide along the outside of the shield until it hits the center lock. Make sure to follow the energy ball you shoot as it moves and keep shooting. Once all three bullets hit the lock, the shield breaks.

Now it’s time for DPS.

damage Argos

Once the shield is down, have the players who just fired the lasers throw the rest of their ammo at the Eye of Argos. Have the other players, who should have their own Vex Craniums, eyeball all their ammo as well. Skulls deal massive damage to Argos, so maxing out your Vex Cranium usage is absolutely crucial to defeating this boss.

Once everyone is out of Vex Brain Juice, start shooting the boss in the eyes. Use the same type of weapons here that are ideal for Calus. sweet deal he is amazing in this fight. Cold heart also works very well. Take for your heavy sins of the past or any other rocket launcher with cluster bombs.

It wouldn’t be a Destiny raid boss if you could just do DPS in peace, right? After you kill Argos, the boss will shoot missiles at you. You can shoot them while he’s setting them up, so keep an eye out for the little glowing lights next to the boss.

Argos can also throw a web at you, which is extremely annoying. If this web hits you or another player, it will envelop them in light, pick them up and carry them into the abyss. You can shoot these cages and break them open to free your allies. To avoid nets, get your body behind walls whenever possible. Since the net can also catch several players at the same time, it is best to spread out for this fight.

After a short time, Argos closes his shield. Clear the ads and collect ammo. Argos is about to test its purification mechanism.

Prevent Argos from deleting your team

After a few peaceful moments, Argos lowers his shield again and begins gathering energy from the void. While it may be tempting to use this moment to deal damage to the boss, you have better things to do.

When the shield falls, Argos will spawn platforms around him at different heights. As he gathers energy with which to attempt to kill you, he exposes six weak spots on his body. There are two weak spots on his head, two on his back, and two on his hands.

For this section, split your team into groups of three and find both vulnerabilities in one spot. Start with your head as it can be troublesome to get there. Have each team stand on opposite sides of the boss and climb to the highest platform. Once they’re within range of the critical point (it’s glowing bright white), have each team lie on top of the boss until its point appears. sweet deal shred them.

Once you skip two weak points, Argos will collapse and lose energy for a while. In this short time you can deal additional damage to him if he is in front of you. (For some reason, Argos always seems to be looking at Arc during this part of the fight.)

Now you will start the fight again. Pick up Vex Craniums, lower the shield, hit the boss, and break two more weak points. That means you have a total of four turns to deal damage to the boss. Otherwise they won’t be able to stop him before he kills them all.

The last thing to mention in this fight is that if you fight him for too long, Argos will go into a rage. That doesn’t mean you can’t kill him anymore. This means that the immediate cleaning process begins. This gives you a very short window to get it out before you have to start over.

Once you’re victorious, Calus takes you back to his loot chamber from the original Leviathan heist. Although… seems to be missing something here… we had to do more of this last raid than we thought!

Congratulations Warden, you have just defeated the planetary core of Nessus.

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