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With the first Guardian Games in 2020, Bungie added that Old exotic machine gun a destiny 2. This year, the heir apparent returns for the second edition. Guard Games 2021. But instead of last year’s long quest for Triumph Festival, Guardian Games 2021 offers a short and simple quest for the apparent heir.

In this destiny 2 Guide, let’s go through the brief search for the apparent heir. Please note that the Guardian Games 2021 will run from April 20th to May 10th and you will not be able to obtain the Heir to the Throne if you do not complete the quest by May 11th.

Complete Eva Levante’s introductory mission.

When you land on the tower for the first time during the 2021 Guardian Games, zavala I would like to talk to you. First go to him and talk to him. Get the class item from Guardian Games for the class of your choice. Then talk to Eva Levante near the podium in the center of the tower. She will give you a series of very short introductory quests for Guardian Games.

The search is “the games begin.” You must collect 100 laurels Then use those laurels to buy a competition card. You must be wearing your Guardian Games 2021 class armor to collect laurels. Run the Guardian Games Strike playlist on the tower for a quick burst of laurels. Once you return to Eva and buy the Contender card, you should see that Laurel Wreath Exotic Quest in your inventory. Take it.

Note that Eva will not offer you the quest if you won the Heir to the Throne last year.

Step 1: Earn 50 laurels

This first laurel wreath quest step requires you to collect 50 laurels. Just head back to the Strike playlist and work on your newly acquired Contender card. You should be able to collect at least 50 laurels in one go.

Step 2 – Focus on the machine gun

Once you have collected 50 laurels, you must defeat 100 enemies with a machine gun inside Daily focus playlist. The Daily Focus Playlist alternates between Crucible, Strikes and Gambit. You can check which activity is the daily focus by looking at your Milestone Menu while using the Director.

When killing machine guns, you need heavy ammo. Guardian kills give you bonus points, but heavy ammo is much harder to find in the Crucible. We recommend waiting with this part of the quest until the daily focus is on Heist or Gambit.

Once you get all 100 kills you can give Eva her heiress-appearing exotic machine gun quest.

the apparent heir


Heir Apparent is a powerful exotic machine gun in Destiny 2.
Image: Bungie over Polygon

The Heir to the Throne is an exotic heavy machine gun and has two notable perks. The first is heavy ball launcher. To fire the gun, you must first hold down the aim button, which rotates the barrel. Once it’s fully rotated, you can unleash a hail of bullets at the enemy. colossus armor is the second perk, granting you a powerful Arc Shield when you tap Heir Apparent while at full health.

Guardian Games 2021 also existed Heir obviously a catalyst, which you can also earn through the event. Upgrade the Colossus Shield Armor and drop Power Orbs. Now that you have the weapon, check out our Heir Catalyst guide.

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