Destiny 2 has its own vocabulary, here’s what you need to know for today’s raid

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To get it right for today’s premiere destiny 2 Raid players must be able to communicate effectively. This means beginners like me need to follow directions and be in the right place at the right time. To help you, the Destiny community has its own vocabulary.

I’ve heard some of this language in seizures and beginnings in Nightfall quests with friends. Thanks to Redditor LondonDude123 and others on the Destiny subreddit for putting everything in one place for me. Some groups might use different phrases, but that should at least get you started. good luck there

  • Give a rag: If you hear your raid leader shout a wipe, you must die as soon as possible. Once all team members are dead, this will reset some encounters. This is key to moving quickly through timed missions, so you’ll know when to hold the line and when to throw your power sword.
  • DPS/Damage Phase: If you’ve had up to 260 power, you should already know that some enemies are temporarily invulnerable. This is doubly true for bosses. If you hear a DPS or damage phase during a game, turn around and shoot the big bad. Every round counts.
  • a DDYes indeed: These are the monsters or additional enemies that surround most bosses. They will come in waves, and a good raid leader will know when to focus on thinning out the pack before moving on to the boss.
  • Mate/Hit: Many high level quests have physical items that need to be placed in a container, such as: B. a fusion core in a generator. If anyone calls for the dunk, protect them. They have to drop their weapon for a while to get the job done.
  • Furious: Some bosses have multiple attack modes, the most difficult of which is called Enrage. When the timer runs out, the boss becomes much deadlier. The goal is to get his health under control before the angry timer kicks in, which will make your life as a ward much more difficult.

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