Destiny 2 guide: using your supers

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With the destiny 2 Beta gives players the game’s new super abilities. With all six classes available, players can use powerful abilities to burn, smash and blast through enemies. But some are more difficult to use than others.

Here’s how to use your special destiny 2.

Sentinel Shield – Sentinel Titan


Activate your sentinel shield by quickly pressing the side buttons. Once outside, you can press the right trigger or right shoulder to attack, while pressing the left trigger will block incoming damage. Press the left shoulder button to throw your shield, making it bounce off enemies.

To summon the more traditional Bubble Titan, Ward of Dawn, you must be in the Code of the Protector specialization. Instead of pressing down on the shoulder buttons, hold them down to create a purple bubble that shields you and your allies from all incoming damage.

Fists of Chaos – Attack on Titan


Activating Fists of Havoc causes you to fall to the ground in a lightning explosion. After the first hit, you can either perform a right shoulder hit or perform another right trigger hit.

Dawn – Warlock of the Dawnblade


Activating Daybreak makes him hover over the map and can stay in the air for long periods of time. When you use the right trigger, shoot fire into the air with your flaming sword.

Nova Bomb – Voidwalker Wizard


Activating Nova Bomb hurls a huge ball of energy at a target. Once it hits, it explodes, dealing massive damage to all enemies in the area. With the Harmonization of Chaos specialization, Nova Bomb gains the Cataclysm effect, which allows her to move slowly, track enemies, and spawn smaller rockets once she explodes. If you fire a Cataclysmic Nova Bomb with your weapon, it will detonate earlier.

Golden Gun – Gunslinger Hunter


Activating Golden Gun equips a powerful hand cannon as your primary weapon. For a short time and a limited number of shots, you can fire missiles at your enemies. When the Path of the Outlaw specialization is selected, Golden Gun gains the six shooter perk. With Six-Shooter, the hunter can fire six shots very quickly by pulling the trigger.

Arcstaff – Hunter Arcstrider


By activating the bow staff, you create a pure lightning weapon. With the right shoulder and right trigger, you can switch between light and heavy attacks, respectively. If you use the right trigger while in the air, you will fall to the ground dealing bow damage and explode. When the Way of the Warrior specialization is selected, the Deadly Current perk activates. This perk causes all post-dodge attacks to emit lightning bolts from the staff and create an aftershock.

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