Destiny 2 guide: Unbroken walkthrough


Now that the cabal ship It’s pinned to the ground, it’s time to get your captain out Thumos the Unbreakable in which destiny 2 Campaign mission “Intact”. run there red war flag and start the mission.

let’s get going

when you show up uninterrupted, run straight and turn left to the tank room. Take two more straight lines and you’ll find yourself again Fort of Echion, a gigantic hangar full of Cabal. Eliminate all enemies in front of you and go up the two ramps on the left. Install Ghost on the monitor to lower the platform in front of you.

Jump onto the new platform, climb onto the crates, hop onto the ship and onto the nearest dock. Run down the hallway and stay to the left. Go through the green door on the right and continue straight. horse control. Once you get to the locked door, look left and shoot them both air vents block your way. Drive to the ventilation duct and turn left. Work your way up until you find more air vents on your right. Exit and enter a large room that appears to be filled with generators.

Be careful as the powerful cabal are everywhere. Take them out one by one, paying special attention to the Cabal of Gladiators with its two blades. Head through the room until you reach the end where the central pylon is. Jump directly to the right of this pylon and return to the ventilation system on the left. Go down the shaft and head towards the big green door.

You will be in an even bigger hangar than before. There’s quite a lot of cabal in this space, but the only ones you should be worried about are them two security guards guards the door Kill her and let Ghost open the door through the hologram. Roll to the nearest hangar and take out the Cabal. Soon, amanda vacation appears to eliminate certain enemies. Go through the door on the left and go down the next hallway. Through the next door you will find yourself Thumos the Unbreakable.

leave Thumos

as soon as you reach horse control Again Thumos will emerge from the earth, flanked on either side by his terror lieutenants. Thumos has a lot of health, so we’re going to start this fight by ignoring him most of the time. Instead, focus on its guards and the legions of ads it generates. Once you’re alone with Thumos, cry at him with headshots until he spawns more enemies.

The closer he gets to death, the more enemies he will spawn and end things with a gigantic wave of dogs of war. While that sounds like a total pain (and it is), Thumos isn’t much of a threat at all. Instead, he’s just an idiot who shoots at you from time to time. After completing all the additions, periodically damage him until he no longer has the Intact title.

Once Thumos is inactive, you will receive yours code shipping and the mission ends. Get ready for the next Guardian mission, beginning Flight will trigger a long quest chain of three quests that will lead you to the end of the red war Country.

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