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After completing the campaign in destiny 2You will open a mission, oh captainto the failsafe, the eccentric artificial intelligence trapped on Nessus. It’s a fun little narrative game that culminates in a much longer performance-based legendary weapon unlock. But getting things working can be a pain.

Collect audio logs from crew members

When the quest starts, you need to find the bodies of the failsafe crew. They are hidden in a common place nearby, but at first they don’t tell you where to look for them. Turn your heels and step out of the tube onto a platform. Bear right and your Ghost will add a waypoint for you almost immediately. the first crew member stands behind a cylinder sunk into the ground



Once you activate voice recording, backtrack and continue walking away from Failsafe, hug the same right wall where the first crew member rested. You will find them second crew member on a piece of land, hidden until you jump onto a silver cube.

Now cross the river on your left and turn onto Failsafe. Hug the other canyon wall through the multitude of fallen and a few rocks. At this point you need to activate the next waypoint. Follow your mind’s direction up the mushroom-shaped rock formations to a small plateau where you’ll find the third and fourth teams hand in hand

From there continue on the same side of the river, jumping over some debris, through another multitude of Please and to the next piece of rock formations at the bottom of the valley. In fact, you will pass the entrance to Failsafe, which is on your left after a few hundred meters. There, among the bushes on another plateau, lies the body of a fifth crew member.



Find satellite network

To find them satellite network, you have to do a little hike. If you have a sparrow, now would be a good time to mount it. you will have to push free from echoes. There, your spirit activates another waypoint. search for one small computer console on a rock plateau, among some Vex. You must defend against a counterattack while Failsafe works its magic. Stay high and you’ll be fine.

The next step is to kill some of them. to annoy to collect your save data. This is where your mind comes in, giving you a waypoint for each one. Navigation will be much easier from now on. The ultimate goal is to “Date the Captain”.

The next mission, called my captainIt involves some overly involved jumping puzzles and another showdown with the Vex, but at least it’s easier to get your bearings.

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