Destiny 2 guide: How to unlock Saint-14’s bounties

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In the first two weeks of destiny 2: Season of Dawn you rescued the legendary titan Saint-14 from the Infinite Forest on Mercury. Saint is now relaxing in the tower’s hangar. Talking to him will allow you to choose new quests for Season of Dawn. One of these quests will give you a new source for polarized fractal Resource: Saint-14 Rewards.

Here’s how to unlock Saint-14 rewards and increase your daily Polarized Fractalin intake.

Guardian’s Duty Mission: Community Service


An example of Saint-14 rewards
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The easiest new mission in Saint-14 is A Guardian’s Duty: Community Service. Talk to him in Tower Hangar and accept the quest before doing anything else.

To fulfill the duty of a guardian, simply complete eight Vanguard (Heist), Crucible, or Gambit bounties. Get rewarded for the type of activity you prefer and start playing. Please note that this is possible Mix and Match Bonuses They complete, they don’t all have to be from the same activity.

When you’ve completed all eight bounties, turn them in. Return to Saint-14 in the tower hangar. After talking to Saint he will ask you to place his book near his ship. There is a small lighted area just behind Saint. interact with him.

Once you drop the book, Saint-14 has four daily rewards that offer themselves 50 polarized fractals everyone. Unlike Obelisk Bounties, Saint Bounties are very simple, respawn daily, and can help you increase your Obelisk levels much faster.

Homage to the Colonies


The triumph of a memorable past
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Progressing through A Guardian’s Duty without completing any of the other Saint quests may not unlock the rewards. We don’t currently know if you only need to complete a Warden’s duty or if you also need to complete one of Saint’s other quests. Homage to the Colonies.

Here’s how to complete Tribute to the Colonies, even if it’s just for a win.

First settlements

Tribute to the Colonies is a bit longer than A Guardian’s Duty, but the objectives are simple. First Saint-14 asks him to do it Defeat 100 enemies on Titan. Play any Public Event or Lost Sector on Little Planet and you’ll get 100 kills in no time.

remembering through service

After Titan, the search for Nessus will lead you. Talk to Failsafe before you do anything else. now you have to Defeat 100 enemies in Neso, do a patrolY attend two public events. Note that one heroic public event counts as two in this quest. Make a quick patrol that you can complete while hosting a heroic public event to kill two birds with one stone.

Kill as many enemies as you have left to complete the mission.

village protector

For the next step you need to visit Devrim in the EDZ. You have the same goals on Earth as on Nessus: 100 dead, two public events and a patrol. Use the same method to complete this part of the quest.

When you helped Devrim, Back to 14th Street in the tower and he will give you a golden statue. Place it on a small stand to the right of his ship. you will win A triumph to rememberand get a nice stack of polarized fractals to mark it complete.

We don’t know what this statue is for. Depending on the order we did the missions in, you might need to place the statue before Saint-14 offers bounties, although we doubt that’s the case due to the bounties and triumph info bubble. This could come into play later in Season of Dawn for another mission. Or it could just be for Triumph.

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