Destiny 2 guide: Guided Games


At the opening of destiny 2 Game Reveal Event, Game Director Luke Smith said that 50% of players completed a raid determination, which he described as “almost a miracle”. According to Smith, a core development philosophy is to make all content accessible to all players. destiny 2. This is where the new Guided Games system comes into play.

Instead of allowing full matchmaking like you can with Strikes and Crucible, the developers create destiny 2guided games. This system requires two different types of participants: clans and single players.

Clan players unable to complete their six-man raid list can open their game to single-player. Similarly, single players looking to complete a raid can apply to clans that have opened up for guided play. This process helps both parties and brings players of all types together destiny 2.

The developers said work was being done to avoid toxicity between the clan and the solo player, although the details aren’t clear yet. In any case, this system allows players who have not joined a clan some of the destiny 2the most difficult content.

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