Destiny 2 guide: Four new worlds

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The developers Bungie announced this in their game reveal stream destiny 2 It would start with four worlds, just like its predecessor. Earth returns with the new European Dead Zone. destiny 2 Also, three new locations will be added: Titan, Io, and Nessus. In this guide we are going to tell you what we know about each one.

European Dead Zone


Bungie developers say it’s the largest area they’ve built to date, by a factor of two. The European Dead Zone will be the site of humanity’s new front against the Darkness. It seems that the new central zone will be here, among other missions and new adventures.



Titan isn’t just the name of one of the destiny 2 Instruction. This is also the name of one of the new locations. A moon of Saturn, the world is an ocean. Players must navigate treacherous and artificial platforms. Titan is also the place where Zavala, the leader of the vanguard, fled after the tower was lost.



Io is the sulphur-yellow moon of Jupiter. This location is important for destiny 2‘s, as the last place the traveler empowered before settling on earth. Therefore, the connection between Io and Light is very strong. Much lore will be involved here, involving the mysteries and mythology of the Traveler. Ikora Rey, Warlock Vanguard, is currently exploring Io and trying to learn the mysteries of the Traveler.



Nessus is a planetoid on which Cayde, the advance hunter, is imprisoned. The Vex changed this beautiful world and reminded it of Venus Determination. The cast of Nessus is strong, but the vegetation seems to be fighting back against the machines. This is where the Inverted Spire Strike takes place.

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