Destiny 2 guide: Faction Rallies 2.0 beginners guide



Faction Rallyes is back in Destiny 2 after a long hiatus, and this time it offers the rewards players really want. These new activities bring additional challenges. If you want the Exotic Catalyst for your favorite weapon, you’ll need to farm it as Bungie intended; No lost sector this time.

After playing Faction Rallyes 2.0 for a while, we’ve put together some tips to make your first few hours even better than ours.

Never fast travel with Renown

Like everything destiny 2 events, there is a new daily quest every day to increase your earnings. While you should definitely be doing these quests every day, you have to be careful how you do them.

If the daily quest asks you to loot a Lost Sector in the EDZ, you must have earned this reputation in the EDZ. If you ever fast travel with Renown, even to different landing zones on the same planet, you’ll lose whatever stacks you have.

Plan ahead which Lost Sectors you need to visit so you don’t lose all your glory like we did.

Wear your faction armor

If you’ve attended faction meetings before, chances are you have full armor for your chosen faction. Make sure you have it fully equipped before going hunting. If you use all of the pieces in a given set, your Fame gains will increase dramatically, allowing you to earn tokens even faster.

With the reputation buff that comes with the full armor set, you can maximize your reputation with a single heroic public event and squad.

If you don’t already have your faction’s armor, don’t worry. Each engram you receive from your faction has a chance to give you an armor. Once you’ve assembled a complete set, farming becomes even easier.

move slowly

Once you start gaining reputation, you’ll be a lot easier to kill. You will also deal less damage and your health will not regenerate. Your goal is to get from your reputation stack activities to a Lost Sector so you can defeat the boss and loot the chest.

If you die from any source along the way, you lose reputation. You’ll need to farm more to replace lost Glory, or get fewer tokens from the next Lost Sector Chest you open. Some of the lost sectors can be difficult without regeneration and increased damage.

Take each Lost Sector seriously and slowly move through them. Be sure to take out enemies before moving forward. Use your super heavy weapons against the boss to bring him down quickly. But killing the boss won’t change your fame. First you need to grab the chest. Once the boss is down, be careful not to die on the way to the chest.

Use health regenerating items

A great way to alleviate the problem of health regeneration is to use skills and weapons that do this for you. Crimson is a perfect weapon for this week as every kill gives you some health back. Although not as reliable, the Suros regime is also very convenient for similar reasons.

If you’re a Warlock, make sure to activate the Healing Rift to use it whenever you can. Hunters must use Nightstalker’s invisibility to sneak around the battlefield and pick up health orbs that enemies drop as you gain standing. Titans must wear exotic armor, which they equip with shields or the Alpha Lupi crest for its healing properties.

To stay alive, remember that Supers give you defensive advantages. It may be worth wasting your Super if it’s keeping you alive.

Accept the pull of fate

when you played determination Where destiny 2, you were killed by The Architects, Bungie’s funny way of describing a physics glitch that led to your death. Usually, this is a fairly easy annoyance to deal with. But when you have reputation at stake, it’s easy to get frustrated.

There will come a time when the architects will kill you and you will absolutely lose fame. It’s good. Just give back whatever glory you have – each stack only counts as two tokens. Get up and keep cultivating.

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