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destiny 2The Empyrean Foundation’s new event is all about building as a community. To build, you must already have unlocked the Tower Obelisk. It’s then a matter of collecting the polarized fractal and donating it to the Empyrean Foundation.

But don’t let the Empyrean Foundation’s hope story fool you into believing that there is no reward. If you download your Polarized Fractaline correctly, you can end each week with dozens of new spins on the best weapons of the Season of the Dawn.

Mission “Bright Future”


Battle Inotam in the new Sundial Arena
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If you want to start donating to the Empyrean Foundation, you must first talk to Saint-14. Approach him in the tower’s hangar and he will give you a new quest called “A bright future: the heart of the sundial.”

The first thing you have to do is queue up for a solar watch Class. When you get to the end of the sundial, the boss will be in a new arena. Kill Inotam and she will become the “Illuminate the Core” walk.

To complete Brighten the Core you need to gather 30 orbs of light. take your favourite masterpiece Weapons and load into the Leviathan raid. ahead in the lock, and use your Masterworks to take down waves of Cabal. Collect the orbs generated by your weapons and make sure to cast your Super when it’s full so you can collect more. You can also complete this stage in Tribute Hall for less aggressive enemies.

Once you’ve collected 30 orbs of light, go back to the tower. For him “Flashlight in the dark“, you just have to plug the light-filled core into the Obelisk Tower. This will bring the Empyrean Foundation’s recovery efforts online.

After donating Polarized Fractaline, you can travel to Osiris on Mercury to obtain the “Link to the lighthouseQuest step, win a triumph and unlock the useful item Light-Fused Fractal (more on that later).

How the Empyrean Foundation works


Donate polarized fractals through the tower obelisk
Image: Bungie over Polygon

Once you unlock the Empyrean Foundation you will receive a piece of Polarized Fractaline. You will receive one such Polarized Fractaline Drop every week based on your Resonance Power (the level of your Obelisks on Mars, Nessus, Tangled Shore and EDZ). If you’re curious about your Resonance Power and how much you’ll get back next week, check out the Tower Obelisk next to the Sundial Links.

The goal of the Empyrean Foundation is to take your polarized fractal and donate it to the restoration effort. They donate in packs of 100 Polarized Fractals, but make sure you have a full inventory of Timelost weapon rewards. For every 100 Polarized Fractals you donate, gain 25% progress toward all Timelost weapon rewards in your inventory.

If you want to maximize your rewards, how to donate is complicated:

  1. Buy as many time lost weapon rewards as possible from the Tower Obelisk.
  2. Donate 400 polarized fractals
  3. Complete your bounties and explore your loot
  4. To repeat

According to Bungie, players must donate billions of Polarized Fractalines to complete the restoration of the Empyrean Foundation. So do this every week until something new happens.

Here’s how to prepare for the next week


Use Fused Light Fractal to enhance your power of resonance
Image: Bungie over Polygon

Once you’ve spoken to Osiris, you can purchase the Fused Fractal from the Obelisk Tower of Light. This item costs 20,000 Glimmer and 10 Legendary Shards, but will automatically level up every Obelisk in the game.

If you have the funds and are willing to trade resources with Spider when your Glimmer reserves are low, you can seriously improve your Resonance Power every week. The higher your Resonance Power, the more Polarized Fractalin you gain at the start of each reset.

what is the reward


Crucible Screen now teases Empyrean Foundation
Image: Bungie over Polygon

Even if you ignore the leaks that suggest the Empyrean Foundation will be reviving the beloved Trials of Osiris multiplayer next season, Bungie has some in-game clues that point to that as well.

In the Crucible menu, where the Trials of the Nine multiplayer node used to be, there is a new placeholder for the Empyrean Foundation. Hovering over it reads “Caloris Spiers, Mercury: Help Saint-14 prepare for the future.” completed the full Trials of Osiris map. determination.

We’ll know for sure once enough Fractaline has been donated.

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