Destiny 2 guide: Dead Man’s Tale Exotic scout rifle

Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

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Bungie has released a surprise exotic quest in destiny 2: Season of the Chosen on February 16th. By uncovering a secret in an old Strike, Wardens can unlock a new quest: Omen. Players who complete this new quest will receive the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle.

Here’s how to unlock and complete the Omen quest.

note: You must have Season of the Chosen to start this quest.

Find the distress signal and unlock Omen

Gate of Omens in the Arms Dealer

Proceed to the arms dealer and take the right door to the hangar.
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In order to unlock the Omen quest and track Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle, you need to find the distress signal in Arm’s Dealer Strike.

Open the Director and select the Arm’s Dealer Strike node in the EDZ. When you land, clear the first room of enemies as usual. But instead of hacking the door and advancing on your mission, stay to the right and go through a newly opened door. You’ll find a hefty cabal with a bunch of towers. Kill him and his friends from the tower. Continue down the path and pick up the distress signal from the crate on the last landing pad.

With the signal in hand, you can end the strike as usual or leave immediately. Once back in orbit, go back to the tower and talk to Zavala. He will send you on a mission to examine the ship.


Reopen your Director and navigate to the Tangled Shore. You will see a new exotic icon on the map. Select it to start the Omen quest.

Presage is a cool mission full of backtracking puzzles where you have to run from one side of a room to the other, flip switches and change the environment to suit your needs. None of the puzzles are complex and it’s more of a chain of levers than a puzzle.

We’ll go through the mechanics here so you understand what you need to do in each stage, but we encourage you and your friends to read as blindly as possible. Discovering is half the fun here, so enjoy your first time. We’ll give you some vague clues about the puzzles to help you out, but we’re not giving the exact locations.

If you’re stuck and just want to know where to go, we linked Esoterickk’s solo career above. Follow your point of view to see where all the levers and detachable elements are.

Before you start Presage, remember that this is a 1250 activity. If you are above Power 1230 you should be fine. But the fight will be tough regardless of your skill level since the quest will require you to dismount.


Omen of Destiny 2 quest jump tubes

Turn left to find the path.
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You start Presage outside of the Glycon ship and stand on an extended vehicle platform. The big door in front of you doesn’t open, so we have to take the detour. Look to the left to see some pipes along the ship. Jump over the pipes and follow the path. Just be aware that floating objects will block your jump, so shoot them if you can.

Follow the red lights until you board the ship.

the first maze

Here you are in a small maze. Walk down the only path and explore the locked rooms behind the destructible vents. At the end of the path you will find an opening that will allow you to continue exploring the ship. Enter it and continue. Follow the path until you reach the other side of the first large door. Pull the lever and get a shortcut back.


Omen of Destiny 2 Spore Quest

When the spores glow, you can shoot them to empower yourself.
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Now that you’re on the other side of the great gate, you’ll be confronted with the main mechanic of the quest: the spores and the spur gates. A blue wall of dust will block your way and you will get burned if you touch it. Look to the left and you will see a cluster of spores. Shoot him to get a special buff called Egregore Link. The buff lasts 15 seconds and you can pass through spore gates as long as you have it. .

Go ahead, climb up the pipes, into the vents. Keep going up through the vents until you reach an area with an electric fence.

the electric fence

Turn around from the fence and follow the path. Defeat the Scorn that appears and pull the lever at the end of the area. The lever opens a nearby door that contains spores. You’ll do this for the rest of the quest: find a lever or pull a glowing knot, grab some spores and use them to open the spore gate.

Explode the spores and jump over the gap. Destroy the blue node to open the door and continue exploring the ship. Here you have to jump by pressing levers, opening doors and destroying nodes.

the garbage compactor

Ground node from the Destiny 2 Omen quest

Destroy the ground nodes to open the gate.
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If you’ve seen Star Wars before, you’ll be very familiar with this new piece. Lower the bud and pull the lever. Some enemies will appear and you must kill them quickly. As you may have noticed, the walls of the compactor slowly begin to move towards you.

Look at the floor through the bars. You’ll notice the same blue knots you pulled out of the pipe to go down here. Destroy all nodes and a door will open on the ground. Jump before he hits you.

Follow the vents until you reach the first major combat zone. You can catch a glimpse of the boss here, but don’t focus on him. Kill the Scorn and go to the next hangar combat area. Kill this group and get ready for more jumps.

outside again

Destiny 2 Omen Quest out again

Look out for red lights on the outer docks.
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When Scorn is dead, jump outside onto the glowing platforms. After a short spacewalk, jump into the nearest hangar and climb to the top. Go through the open door and into the research room. Pull the lever here to reveal the spores and use them to get through the spore gate nearby.

You will face other enemies in the next room. Find another lever and destroy a knot to turn off the power for you. Jump down and follow the path to reveal another set of spores. Use them to go through the door in front of you.

Defeat other enemies here, find a lever, destroy the tower and break another knot. You can find more spores here that you can use to drop them on the ground.

the second maze

This maze is much more complicated than the previous one, but it has an easy solution. Run until you find the spurs. Once you’ve done that activate them, turn around and run forward. Take the second door on the left to reach the spur door before time runs out. Pull the lever for a shortcut to the research room.

There is a new open door on the left. Explode the nearby research spores and take the new door.

You’ll need to pull another lever here, which will reveal a hidden knot in the wall. Destroy it to access more spores. Use them to clean the door.

the platform room

This piece looks more complicated, but it’s quite simple. Push forward until you reach a spur gate and its nearby lever. Pull the lever to open a gate halfway between the last spur gate and where you started. Back to the beginning of the work. Shoot the spore and then go to the center of the room. Before your buff wears off, shoot the spores halfway to top it up. Go to the end of the spur door in the room and exit.

The head of the Locus of Communion

Omen of Destiny 2 Zavala quest

Return to Zavala for your reward
Image: Bungie over Polygon

You have officially reached the boss fight. It can be pretty tricky if you’re not careful, so take it easy.

In this room there are two floors, the upper floor and the boiler room below. The boiler room is initially too hot to access, so you need to cool it down. Eliminate the enemies on the first floor and look for the levers. The first two switches are simple, they face each other in the main area. The third is a little more difficult. There is a hot room upstairs and you will burn every time you get there. Wait until you’re at full health and run to hit the switch. You want to do the latter since the heater turns off as soon as you hit the switch.

When all three switches are activated, drop into the boiler room. Use whatever weapons you have to attack the Locus of Communion. If it gets too hairy, jump up. Once you reduce the boss’s health to two-thirds, the cauldron will heat up. Go back upstairs and repeat this process until you kill the boss.

When the Communion Place is dead, exit the room and find what’s left of the Warden. Interact with them and return to Zavala to pick up your Exotic Scout Rifle.

What does Dead Man’s Tale do?

Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle with Perks

Image: Bungie over Polygon

The Dead Man’s Tale is a 120 RPM scout rifle, which makes it unique destiny 2. The Dead Man’s Tale is kinetic.

Your Exotic Perk is skull tip, causing multiple precision hits in a row to deal more damage and improve reload speed. The Dead Man’s Tale has those too transformer Perk, similar to Hawkmoon. This is a fictional perk and players will need to re-run the Presage quest to get Dead Man’s Tale with random perks like Outlaw or Vorpal Weapon. It looks like you could get two Dead Man’s Tales with random roles per character per week.

Dead Man’s Tale also has a catalyst in the game files, but it’s not currently available. It’s unclear when Bungie will unlock the higher difficulty version of Quest Master, but it seems likely that Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst will come from there.

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