Destiny 2 guide: 5 tips for climbing through Haunted Forest in Festival of the Lost



Inside determination 2: Abandoned, the Haunted Forest is the new mode coming with Festival of the Lost, the game’s Halloween event. The Enchanted Forest is a dungeon crawl where you and two other Wardens have 15 minutes to run through a randomly generated arena of enemies and fill a meter to 100%. After that, your team will be teleported into a boss fight that will take you to a more difficult branch.

In Haunted Forest you want to climb as high as possible as fast as possible. In this guide we’ll give you some tips on how to improve your runs in the Enchanted Forest and how best to work together with your fireteam.

Modify your mask and create your gear

Building your team is a big deal in any mode, and Haunted Forest is no different. Make sure you have two weapons that are great for killing enemies and one that is great for damaging bosses. We prefer to use a handgun like midnight slam and a shotgun like ikelos. We normally run by our strength bed simulator Where whisper of the worm.

The skin mod is exclusive to Haunted Forest. It can increase overall damage, boss damage, or elite enemy damage. To get these mods you need to level up your skins by killing bosses. Fully upgrade all three mods which gives you a win as it gives you a lot of flexibility in your loadout and helps you plan what mods your fireteam members have. A good selection of mods is probably best, although we haven’t seen any calculations on which mods are most effective.

Revive your teammates and don’t respawn

Inside destiny 2, it can be easy to habitually smash that respawn button once you die. Avoid this craving in the magic forest. Respawning in this mode will bring you back to the beginning of the branch you are on. If you are anywhere beyond the first or second gate, wait for an ally to revive you. Good runs have been ruined because players have to respawn and run all the way to find enemies.

Luckily, all teammates are instantly revived when the boss appears. But if you’re not at 100%, it’s always worth finding a friend in need. The only exception here is when one of the immunized Axe Knights moves. These guys will destroy you in subsequent turns, so make sure you take them out before reviving an ally.



Chain your Supers

A big part of the power of the later branches of Haunted Forest is super-efficient usage. Supers can be great for clearing nightmares but are probably best used for killing large groups of demons and a few yellow bars.

Crowd-avoiding Supers like Hammer Throw and Bow Staff are great, but orb-generating Supers like Tether can be great too, and pairing the two types is ideal. Make sure to follow your team and collect the orbs. Ideally, you should be able to Super at least twice per branch.

Look for large groups of enemies.

the target destiny 2‘s Haunted Forest is all about killing as many enemies as quickly as possible. Play it safe and learn which enemies you can ignore and which enemies you want to take out completely.

Large groups of demons are great as they drop a much higher percentage when killed. However, nothing beats a whole room full of Cursed Thrall, Exploding Shanks or Cabal Hounds. You can kill them all in a few hits, and some of them will even explode and kill other enemies. If you’re clearing a large area of ​​demons, you might want to move to another room if the other enemies are hard to kill or sparse.

Alternatively, you can leave someone behind to take out the rest of the enemies, which brings us to our last tip.




This cheat may seem like the opposite of supers channel cheats, and in many ways it is. However, by expanding, your team can quickly build percentages.

You will come across several doors that split into two paths. One will have an exit and the other will likely be a killing room full of enemies. If you spread out a bit, you can go through the branch with a group of two, leaving another player to take out the rest of the enemies.

To keep chaining your Supers together, your team needs good communication so everyone knows when it’s time to regroup and when it’s time to split up. You can also tell your split teammates where the orbs fall, but that can be tricky due to disappearing orbs and simple communication issues. Keep running with the same gear and you’ll eventually master it.

Reaching all seven branches will grant you a triumph and a cute emblem, but going even higher will spawn even more Shattered Souls. Good luck and good wind, Warden.

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