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The Festival of the Lost is back destiny 2, and will take place from October 12 to November 2, 2021. The Haunted Forest is not the main activity of the event. Instead, the Festival of the Lost 2021 brings the new Haunted Lost Sectors Mode that is a mix between a lost sector and a crucible control game.

In this Festival of the Lost 2021 guide we will show you how to win spectral pages and clean them manifested sidesjust as you earn new roles Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle. And if you’ve been wearing that pesky lens for a whole year, we’ll also show you how to turn it on.

How does Festival of the Lost 2021 work?

Festival of the Lost 2021 works as a seasonal mini-event. Knowing the basic Receive Currency > Convert Currency to Another Currency > Spend Currency playlist to advance the event formula should give you plenty of time to figure it out. The short quest Gone But Not Forgotten will teach you the basics.

The idea is that you’ll earn Spectral Pages by completing Strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, seasonal activities, and pretty much anything else – that is, as long as you’re wearing the Halloween mask that Eva Levante gives you at the start of this Occurrence. Once you have Spectral Pages you will need to go through the Haunted Lost Sectors activity to process them.

Haunted Lost Sector drops you along with three other players at the start of a Lost Sector; You will be a matchmaker if you don’t enter with friends. You must fight your way through the corridors of the Lost Sector in Halloween attire until you reach the Summoning Rituals area. Various ritual locations activate every few seconds, and you can stand in them to summon a Headless, a mini-boss that you must kill. For each Headless you defeat, you convert one of your Spectral Pages into a Manifest Page.

Back in the Tower, you can return your manifested pages to the super-spooky Book of the Forgotten, which will provide you with new lore and gifts.

What do I get from Festival of the Lost 2021?


You can see all of Eva’s rewards by chatting with her in the tower
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Aside from the inherent satisfaction of cheering on everyone’s favorite space granny, Eva Levante, there are actually some decent rewards at this year’s Festival of the Lost.

The new Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle can drop along with old Festival of the Lost weapons like Horror’s Least and Braytech Werewolf auto rifles when you complete Haunted Lost Sectors. And the more pages you manifest in the book, the more likely you are to receive a reward.

Also, during the Festival of the Lost, you can get candies from almost anything that you can use to buy new Eva skins or goodie bags with even more weapons.

In addition to the previous and current Halloween weapons, there is also a special sparrow, shader, and emblem that can only be earned by completing special triumphs in Festival of the Lost 2021.

What should I do with this Ascendant lens?


Mara will explain the ascending lens to you and then tell you to leave.
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If you’ve played Festival of the Lost 2020, chances are you’ve picked up Spider’s mysterious ascending lens. Until Festival of the Lost 2021 it was worth absolutely nothing, it just took up space in your inventory. But if you’ve been saving it all along, you’ll find a new use for it at this year’s event.

If you still have the Ascending Lens, take the HELMET and go to the Awakened Wing. Go through the portal and speak to Queen Mara. He’ll trade your objective for the Bottomless Gift Bag, which contains Enhancement Prisms, three Jurassic Green Pulse Rifles, and a set of Spectral Pages.

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