Destiny 2: Faction token farming guide (update)

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Update (November 7th): destiny 2The second farming rally is here, and with it comes a new farming method that players have discovered. We’ve updated the guide below with the details and some information about the new event.

Source History: What now destiny 2Faction Gathering is live, players will work hard for their loyalty. And even though the event started today, fans are already looking for the most unique tokens of their faction. It’s not just a popularity contest; there is a special loot to be won.

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Sure, faction tokens are a great way to unlock faction-specific loot like gear, but there’s a higher score to earn. during the second destiny 2 Faction Rally event, which ends November 13 at 1:00 p.m. PT, players can gather resources for the faction of their choice by completing activities like public events, Crucible battles, and more. These “resources” are counted at the end of the event and the faction with the most resources offers an exclusive reward. destiny 2 Weapon of faction assembly.

  1. Spawn in the Winding Cove area of ​​Earth’s European Dead Zone and head right toward the Lost Sector. (Look for a group of rocks with dead trees scattered around them.)
  2. This brings you to a cave system known as The Weep. Clear the Lost Sector as usual, take out the boss, Rannix, Soggy Captain, and collect the loot from the chest at the end. (Note that you no longer have to worry about shooting down enemy supplies, as they no longer reward you with tokens.)
  3. Above the loot box you will see a path leading out of the Lost Sector. Climb those rocks and get out of The Weep; You’ll know you’ve gone far enough when you see Winding Cove’s location in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  4. At this point, just turn around and go back. You’ll soon find yourself directly above the Lost Sector Loot Crate. Amazingly, you can claim the treasures it contains, including three faction tokens, without having to defeat the captain again.
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We don’t know how long this technique will last, so get up, get out there and grab those tokens!

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