Destiny 2 Crimson Days 2020: The Vow, Sugary Shell, and duo Sparrows guide

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destiny 2The 2020 Crimson Days event is here with the Crimson Doubles mode, The Vow bow, Sugary Shell and two new Exotic Sparrows to collect. To earn his beautiful treasures, you must complete Bounties for Shaxx in a pair of two.

The rewards offer candy hearts that you can spend on The Vow or the duo Sparrows, SVC-12 and IVC-10, which form a special hologram when assembled side by side.

Here are all the Crimson Days 2020 rewards and the easiest ways to get them.


You can buy almost all Lord Shaxx’s Crimson Days rewards in the Tower.

  • Tirastrella Ghost Shell – 25 Candy Hearts
  • Unbreakable Exotic Sparrow – 50 Candy Hearts
  • The Vow Solar Battle Bow (960 Power) – 100 Candy Hearts
  • Dieselpunk Wardcliff Coil Ornament – 125 Candy Hearts
  • SVC-12 Exotic Sparrows – 50 candy hearts
  • IVC-10 Exotic Sparrow – 50 Candy Hearts
  • Advanced Dance Emote: 150 Candy Hearts
  • Warm gift: 15 candy hearts

The warm gift is a repeatable purchase. Don’t spend your Candy Hearts on heartfelt gifts until you’ve got everything you want. These can drop Glimmer, weapons, and other materials that will come in handy for any aspiring Warden.

Cultivation of confectionery hearts

There are multiple ways to earn Candy Hearts. You can collect bounties from Shaxx every day – he has a rotating inventory of four daily bounties. Each daily bounty awards 15 Candy Hearts.

Shaxx will also sell you a weekly reward for completing Nightfall as a pair, and a weekly reward for completing seven Crimson Day bounties. Each of them rewards 75 candy hearts.

The best place to complete the Nightfall duo this year is in Inverted Spire Strike. It’s a fast sunset where you can go slow or full speed. And the boss is easy to kill in a smaller fireteam. For the section where you have to go through the exercise and take on Cabal or Vex, have one of your Fireteam members hold to prevent your team from being deleted.

Once you’ve completed your rewards, you can grind Candy Hearts while playing Crimson Doubles. A loss gives you five candy hearts, while a win gives you seven.

Win the sweet bowl

Bungie didn’t announce Sugary Shell with this year’s Crimson Days event, but it’s still available if you missed it last year.

You must complete nine victories for the shell. You can check your in-game progress by going to Triumphs and selecting Seasonal > Events > Crimson Days.

  • Earn all rewards from Shaxx (this does not count for new Exotic Sparrows)
  • Complete 22 crimson doubles matches.
  • Win 11 crimson doubles matches.
  • Defeat 77 Guardians near their partner (Collected Buff active)
  • Defeat 77 Guardians without your partner.
  • Defeat 77 Guardians after killing their partner.
  • Avenge your partner twice by earning Blood for Blood medals
  • Complete 11 Crimson Days bounties.
  • Complete a Nightfall in a team of two.

The Sugary Shell is great. The Guiding Light perk increases all XP gains, which is useful for all players. It also has a unique look that should comfort you as you delve into the underbelly of ancient dragons, evil guardians, and dark space gods.

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