Destiny 2: Beyond Light guide – Lost Lament Exotic quest for The Lament sword

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Once the first team of goal two Raiders knocked out some new leads at the November 21 raid Deep Stone Crypt destiny 2: Beyond the Light unlocked content. One of these new missions is claim lostto get the search the lawsuit Exotic sword.

Great for boss damage and champion dish-out, this sword is a must-have for any serious Destiny raider or Nightfall player. Here’s a look at how to complete the Lost Lament quest and obtain Banshee-44’s Lost Blade.

Talk to Banshee-44

Speak to Banshee in the tower to cast Lost Lament.
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To start the quest, go to the tower and talk to Banshee-44. He will give you Lost Lamentation Mission and ask you to investigate his mysterious past.

Step 1. Collect 3 dead Exos

To continue the quest The Lament you need to find the bodies of three dead exes in Europe. It’s one of the Destiny collectibles, and there are nine in total. Luckily, we only have to grab a handful for the quest.

Here are the three basic Exos you can pick for this mission.

cadmus comb

This Exo is located on the highest snowy cliff overlooking the Vex construct
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the Exo in cadmus comb It’s on the snowy ridge. Once you enter the area, coming from Variks, turn left and look for the big snowy cliff. Jump on the bench and you will see a Exo Yellow sit there

This Exo is in the middle of Cadmus Ridge
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Interact with him to advance the quest.

Lost Sector Lost

Turn in after killing the Perdition Lost sector boss for this Exo
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Enter Lost Sector Lost Inside cadmus comb. The Exo is in the executive room. Make your way through the Lost Sector as usual and defeat the giant Minotaur at the end. that Exo Blue sits near a crate on the left side of the Exo Arena.

Enter the Perdition Lost sector via Cadmus Ridge
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Interact with Blue Exo to advance the quest.

Hidden Empty Lost Sector

This Exo is located right after the energy barrier in the Hidden Void Lost Sector.
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Enter Hidden Empty Lost Sector inside Asterion Abyss. As with the Doom Lost Sector, complete the Hidden Void Lost Sector as normal. When you get to the end, defeat the boss and loot the chest to drop it energy shield. that Exo Yellow sits next to a fallen round object on a metal bridge.

You can enter the hidden void through the Asterion Abyss
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With the Hidden Void Lost Sector Exo, you should have all three. It’s time to find one Extremely big head.

Stage 2. Exo-giant found

As said, Exo’s huge head is pretty hard to miss.
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For this part of Lost Lament you need to find them giant exo head at the BrayTech facilities. Inside braytech Just past Cadmus Ridge you will find an open door to the large office building to the right of the entrance. If you have trouble finding it, Mark the mission on the map and the game will take you there.

Follow the path through the Vex army until you reach the Giant Exo head (it’s pretty hard to miss since it’s a Giant Exo head). Activate it and talk to him. This gives you the next step in The Lament quest.

Stage 3. Kill Vex with swords

This is where Lost Lament gets a bit boring. you have to kill 100 Vex with swords Y 20 Minotaurs, Hydras or Cyclopes (also with swords, and only enemies with red bar count).

They could perform these kills naturally over time. But that’s not why you’re here.

The fastest way to do this is to go towards Lost Bane Sector at Cadmus Ridge. Kill all Vex in the first room and go upstairs in the second. Instead of completing the Lost Sector, head back through the front door until the game says “Cadmus Ridge.” Then go back and repeat.

When you’ve killed 100 Vex, you still have to kill Minotaur, Hydra, and Cyclops. It’s tedious, but the quickest way to do it is to run in, kill the first minotaur that appears, walk out and repeat.

Step 4. Unlock Imperial Fighters

If you’ve been following Destiny, you’ve already completed this step. But when you start beyond the light, you must unlock Empire Hunts to advance. Complete the Variks post-campaign quest line and do that Hunt for the Dark Priestess Empire.

Step 5. Exo Challenge

Exo’s first challenge had us jumping through fire to keep warm.
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For this step you must do the following: a Exo Challenge. It’s a new type of activity in beyond the light remember the increasing challenge out of Leave.

If you haven’t unlocked the Exo Challenge yet, you’ll need to use Variks’ Old mysteries, new challenges Seek. Just go to the marker on your map and you’ll start the challenge. As you complete the Exo Challenge, you will progress through the lost lawsuit, completing old mysteries, new challenges.

If you already unlocked the Exo Challenge before Lost Lament, simply select the Exo Challenge on the map and start over.

Stage 6. Defeat Vex with finishers

Like Tier 3, this is another lengthy farm fest against the Vex.

go back to Lost Sector Lost outdoors cadmus comb. Use a weapon like an auto rifle that deals low damage per shot and attack the Vex for as long as you can. finish her. Repeat this process until you’re done 60 annoyances. You should be able to complete this in a game or two of Perdition.

step 7 sword found pieces

You get the Lost Lament leaf piece when the boss retreats for the first time or two.
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After completing all of these Vex, you need to find Blade Pieces The Glassway Strike.

It sounds like a huge mystery, but it isn’t. All you have to do here is start The Glassway from the Europe map and complete it normally. Once the boss is dead a third time, he will drop the blade pieces.

note: If you get a match at the end of the strike after the coins fall, you will have to do the strike again. This happened to us because another player left after picking up their sword pieces.

Step 8. Talk to Banshee-44

With a broken sword in hand Return to Banshee-44. Seeing the blade will bring back some of your memories.

After some adjustments, Banshee will return the sword to you (it will remain in your heavy weapon slot and be useless until you complete the quest).

Step 9. Search the abandoned bunker

Like step 7. You would think it would be a puzzle. But that is not the case. Land in Europe and go to evening ruins. complete it Bunker E15 Lost Sector Y loot the chest to get the Lost Lament blueprints.

Step 10. Reforging the Past

The Clovis AI reshapes the blade for you
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Exit the Lost Sector of Bunker E15 and go to reforge the past Quest Flag Start the quest.

You need to grab a tank early and use it to go through Vex on Cadmus Ridge. Once you’ve killed enough of them, the Clovis AI will ask for your help. Battle in the BrayTech lab, in Creation, and even in the giant head of Exo.

Once you’ve taken out the Vex, place the broken blade on the pedestal. The Clovis AI will reforge the sword for you. Pick it up, equip it, collect the heavy ammo from the crates and get ready to hit the city. Eliminate all Vex with your new imagination ram stick Exotic Sword then talks to the AI ​​Clovis.

Step 11. Return to Banshee-44

Return to Banshee-44 and he’ll reveal it was Clovis Bray, something he now remembers. He thanks you for rebuilding his old sword and tells you to keep it. He then suggests visiting Exo’s giant head himself, just to see what he has to say.

And with that, the quest “Lost Lament” is complete.

The Exotic Sword of Lament

futuristic sword? Or the latest technology in your new PC?
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the lawsuit It’s an exotic complex. But once you learn to use it, it represents one of the highest damage levels in the game. It’s especially useful during the second Deep Stone Crypt Raids encounter.

Your Exotic Perk is the banshee moanswhich offers an alternative combination that you have to execute like this:

  • Hold the block to rotate the blade.
  • Attack with light three times while remaining blocked
  • Still hold the block and perform a heavy attack once you see Banshee’s Wail x8 or x9 on your screen.

This combo deals massive damage to enemy targets and breaks champions’ shields. Lost Lament is so powerful that you can probably only perform this combo on high health targets, otherwise they’ll die before you hit them.

To reduce the risk of using a sword that gets too close to an enemy, especially in difficult activities with champions, the accelerated consumption The buff heals you while you fight.

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