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get likes death stranding it is more than just an online validation. Likes add to your carrier’s overall rating, improving everything from the connections you can make to the amount of cargo you can move.

There are many things you can do death stranding get likes. Next, we’ll show you how to maximize your likes.

Help yourself by helping other players

death stranding He is obsessed with helping others and good deeds get likes. So when you do something to help yourself, think about how you can help others as well.

Are there boring little bodies of water that you often have to cross? (Yes there is). Building a bridge will help you cross it and make your life less boring. Having your bridge automatically appear in other players’ games will make their lives a little less boring as well. You will use it and you will get likes. Everyone wins. Help yourself by helping others.

Leave helpful signs

A quick way to get some likes is to put up banners. Many signs are there just to convey information, so use them to mark important spots, point out good spots for building, or just convey your current mood. If you place them in high traffic areas, someone will notice.

The best place to harass like signs is near entrances to buildings and cities – everyone will come here eventually. In nature, your signals must follow logical paths. Placing a character in the middle of an empty space makes little sense. But if you mark an easy trail on a slope that you know others will take, you’re more likely to be useful to someone and get those likes.

If you want to know which signals are the best to place, consult our guide to signals death stranding that offer advantages to you and other players.

create shortcuts

Whatever the calculations are behind the scenes to determine what structures other players will spawn in your world (and vice versa) is largely unknown death stranding. But there is a way to influence it: the way thread contracts.

Beach Contracts are extended bonds between you and another Sam. In practice, this means they are more likely to see each other’s structures and cargo. And viewing will result in likes if they use your stuff or like manually.

Create useful articles when and where you need them

If you’re wishing there was a ladder to climb a cliff, or praying for a safe house after a long hike through the desert, chances are another player has the same thought. So put useful things into the world to help these other players.

At first, you won’t have the resources to build and update everything you want. But a handy ladder is just as useful as a completely renovated shelter someone. Climbing anchors in a useful place can be more useful than a road. And this utility will earn you likes.

As you progress and start building more and more sophisticated structures, you will continue to help other players. Place shelters near places that do not have private room (to create fast connections nearby). To build generators Go where there are no paths. To build temporary shelters in areas where it rains a lot. Check out our guide to where to build the best structures for more tips.

Build what you need, when and where you need it, but if you’re flexible, build with a plan.

Clear MULE camps so porters can ride

As you travel across America, new NPC carriers will eventually appear in the world. They’re just (computer-controlled) people doing the same thing as you (just with a lot, a lot less on their backs). Eliminate MULE camps with your will-o’-the-wisp, ball gun, sonic bombs, and fists. Once cleared, porters can safely cross the area (until the MULEs return).

Porters will use their structures like ladders to make their own deliveries and like them along the way.

Make deliveries and do good work.

Getting likes from other players is cool and all, but you will also get likes from NPCs. You get extra likes for your deliveries if all the cargo is in place and in good condition. You will also get more likes as your connection with each NPC increases.

Accept premium deliveries

You can make certain deliveries Main Deliveries, which basically means there are additional delivery restrictions; They usually need to be delivered with less damage or faster. But in exchange for the extra effort, completing it will earn you more likes.

When accepting standard orders, select the Select premium shipping Press right on the controller or the D-Pad. Meet the premium requirements for this rate and you’ll get a lot more likes than usual.

Reclaim lost cargo and complete deliveries from others

Check the shared locker at the sites for lost cargo. This is something other players couldn’t offer. These earn you likes as you collect them, and then many more likes as you complete the delivery.

You can also find lost items in the world. If you pick it up you will get a like. Once you have it, you can give it to your recipient or drop it off at a share a locker for someone else to take care of them.

Lost cargo isn’t usually worth a trip (unless you’re really desperate for likes), so look for shipments along a route you’re already planning to travel.

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