Dauntless guide: Weekly Hunt Pass challenge for June 21 – 27


Phoenix Laboratories via Polygon

bold is a free monster hunting game from the team at Phoenix Labs. In a game where hunters make costumes with monsters, fashion can get a little lackluster. Phoenix Labs’ solution is Hunt Pass, which rewards players with cosmetic items to power up their Slayer.

The best way to level up your Hunt Pass is to complete the Weekly Hunt Pass Challenges. These reset on Friday morning and last all week. Each challenge offers 150 heart seekers as a reward. Since each Hunt Pass tier only requires around 100 Heartseekers, that’s six free Hunt Pass tiers to complete a handful of quests.

These are the four challenges that Gregario Flynt, the Master of the Hunt Pass, offers you this week:

  • Get 30 interrupts on a Behemoth (hit a monster at the perfect time to incapacitate it)
  • Kill 10 Behemoths with Frost weapons.
  • Kill 10 giants with hammers or warpikes.
  • Dodge 150 Behemoth attacks.

That’s all you have to do this week. To get additional Heartseekers, run through Ramsgate and look for the 10 Crimson Daggers stuck on the side of buildings. Collecting all 10 will give you an additional 50 Heartseekers. These daggers reset daily, for a total of 350 Heartseekers per week.

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