Dark Souls Remastered: Firelink Shrine map

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The Firelink Shrine is Dark Souls: Remasteredthe center On your first visit here you will encounter some helpful NPCs: downed warrior That serves as a guide for what you do in the game, the silencer Cinderella Girl who upgrade your Estus Flask, and Peter of Thorolund who can sell you miracles. (If you walk around the ruins of New Londo a bit, you can meet the blacksmith Rickert von Vinheim long before you meet André from Astora). As the game progresses, more NPCs and vendors will appear here.

Firelink serves as a hub for the rest of Lordran. There are routes to and from Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Lower Undead Burg, The Catacombs and New Londo Ruins. When you finally liberate the Undead Community elevator in Firelink, you can interact with Snuggly the Crow to trade shiny items and return to the Undead Asylum.

There are many items scattered throughout Firelink that will help you level up faster. You can also find some multiplayer consumables and a weapon.

There is only one beacon in the area and there are no bosses to fight. There are few enemies: low-level voids on the way to the Undead Burg and very difficult to kill skeletons in the graveyard on the way to the catacombs.

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