Dark Souls 3 is getting a deluxe strategy guide with a real Estus flask


The creator of the strategy guide, Prima Games, does its best dark souls 3. The company will release a deluxe version of the game’s official strategy guide, complete with Dark Souls’ signature drink, the Estus Flask.

Aptly named dark souls 3 Estus Flask Edition, the 320-page hardback guide, comes with a resin replica of the Estus Flask, a 192-page journal, and a bookmark that could be something of a spoiler based on its description. According to the guide’s listing on Amazon, the 8-inch molded metal bookmark is inspired by the Wolf Knight’s two-handed sword, which is described as the weapon of a “knight tainted by the darkness of darkness.” sounds a lot like a family call dark souls Character and his faithful four-legged friend.

The Prima Guide will be released on April 12th of the same day. dark souls 3 It will be released for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One and will cost $129.99.

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