Cyberpunk 2077 braindance guide: Disasterpiece BD walkthrough

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Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

While Cyberpunk 2077it is Main work “Disasterpiece”Meet your friend Judy in a van, put on a helmet and go to a brain dance.

It’s still a new concept at this point, so at this point Cyberpunk 2077 we’ll walk you through the BD and show you everything that can be scanned, including the few things that have to digitize, some Optional scannable items and some directly hidden Things.

First watch the whole Braindance in reading mode

Before you interact with anything, first watch the entire Braindance game mode – the first-person perspective of the net runner you’re dancing in.

This is our tip for any comic, as it introduces you to the events you’ll be investigating as you complete your comic Visually, AudioY Thermal a notice time limit with bold sections: the places where you can later find scannable clues.

Analyze the Braindance and find out where it was recorded.

Restart the mental dance and you’ve got three bold sections of the visual plane to look for clues. We take them from left to right.

Bold left section of the visual plane

Rewind to the far left bold section of the yellow visual layer and stop the video at around 0:10. You can scan four things from here.


From 0:10 you can scan four things: a slice of pizza, a net runner, a scavenger and a box.
Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

  • slice of pizza. The netrunner trains on the left.
  • network broker. The “poor idiot” you see in this horror comic.
  • scavenger. The person not dragging the netrunner to the chair. Judy says during a dialogue that she is a woman. The on-screen details state that she’s “a scavenger who specializes in braindance editing,” and that’s what we’ll refer to her as.
  • cardboard box. It’s a cardboard box.

This will delete the leftmost bold yellow section of the visual layer.

Additional reconnaissance scan

It’s weird because you can scan after erasing the leftmost area but before the middle area is on your timeline. Do it.


The guy is high on steroids
Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

Pause at 0:16 and look out for whoever is dragging the net runner. Before the next yellow area of ​​interest, you can scan them.

  • ass vulture. The person with the masked face. The details state that this person is “a scavenger on steroids,” as we shall refer to them.

Bold middle section of the visual layer

There is only one thing to scan here. Pause at 0:23, at the next bold yellow area of ​​interest.


Scan the suit to get more information about the patch.
Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

Just as the Scav on steroids straps the Netrunner to the chair, look behind the Scav, who specializes in Braindance Editing, to find the next scannable object.

  • Electric Corp Coat of Arms. It’s on the jumpsuit that appears to be hanging from a pole.

This will erase the yellow area of ​​interest in the middle of the visual plane.

Rightmost bold section of the visual layer

Pause at 0:37 and watch the Braindance Specialist.


On the table in front of her, she scans the coffee cup. (You’ll need to zoom in closer than our screenshot we chose because you can see where you need to go relative to Netrunner and two Scavs.)

  • Buck-A-Slice paper coffee cup. Information on this is available in the dialog window.

These are your clues. Coffee + Pizza + Patch means you and Jill can pinpoint the location of this twisted comic.

Get out of the brain dance when you’re ready.

At this point you can exit Braindance or read on (listen?) to find two optional scans.

Optional audio layer sounds

Everything you’ve done so far is for solving the mind dance puzzle Disasterpiece, but there’s more to discover if you’re keen. It’s optional, so optional it doesn’t even show up on your timeline, but the audio descriptions you can check out add a (terrible) touch to this (hellish) corner Cyberpunk 2077The city of the night.


Here are some optional audio files for you
Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

In the screenshot above, we have the audio layer active and are hovering in the corner of the room, near where the brain dance begins. Fly to the vibrant green concentric circles in the left and right corners of ours Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot and can hear and read taste text.

The thermal layer

It’s also worth noting that when he switches to the thermal cape during the “Disasterpiece” mental dance, he’s totally swashbuckling for the duration of the comic. We really can’t say why.

As far as we know, there is nothing specific to analyze. Nothing becomes a magnifying glass, allowing for more clues. It just seems to suggest that there are thermal signatures all over BD.

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