Cuphead guide: Mausoleum II

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Mausoleum II looks a lot like Mausoleum I. You can find it in the second area of cup head and he can achieve this by defeating Djimmi the Great in “Pyramide Peril”. Find the last bridge The pork rind trading center and cross them. Enter the mausoleum to earn a new super move.

defend the urn


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You will once again defend a central urn against a group of pink ghosts. Jump on them and stop them to make them go away. Instead of the normal pink ghosts of yore, you’ll have to deal with strange ghosts of old men and bow-headed ghost girls.

The old man is small and moving fast while the girl’s ghosts are heading towards the urn, so you’ll have to wait for them to get close to get a good shot. Defend yourself against the ghosts and the legendary chalice will give you the ability to do so invincibility.

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