Cuphead boss guide: Captain Brineybeard in ‘Shootin N’ Lootin’

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Captain Solebart in one of the previous fights in Inkwell Island III. When you enter the room, turn right and follow the path to the dock. Here you can see Captain Brineybeard’s magnificent ship. Climb aboard and take on this fearsome pirate captain in Shootin’ N’ Lootin’.

Tier 1: Captain Brineybeard


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Captain Brineybeard is a relatively easy fight, but you have to do a lot to avoid taking damage. All of his attacks have simple clues if you know what to look for.

There are a few things you need to be prepared for in this fight:

  • To turn around: During each stage, that silly grinning barrel hangs over your head. If you go under it, it will fall on you. Never stop below the barrel. It’s not difficult, but it’s boring. If you ever lose sight of the cannon, chances are it will kill you.
  • Octo Cannon: Brineybeard has only one attack: he pulls out an octopus and spits it out. Luckily, three of his four balls are pink and stable. (The other is yellow). This is a quick way to level up your Super.
  • shark: When Brineybeard whistles, a giant shark may appear. You can tell it’s a shark and not one of the other sea creatures by the huge fin that appears in the background. Stand close to the boat to avoid being bitten.
  • seals: When Brineybeard hisses, a legion of evil sea lions may appear. The indicator here is the underwater range, which appears next to the ship. These dogs are easy to kill and come from the front of the dock, so take a second and step back.
  • Octopus: When Brineybeard whistles, a large squid may appear. There’s no saying for it, but it’s not deadly either. The squid will spill ink everywhere, making it harder to see. Hit him long enough and he will walk away.

The easiest place to damage Brineybeard is right next to him. Once you’ve shot him enough, the next phase begins.

Stage 2: Spit Boat


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The only difference here is that Captain Brineybeard’s ship will start spitting cannonballs at you, which adds one more thing to watch out for. See if the boat ripples the edge and bounces when the ball comes out.

After defeating Brineybeard, it’s time to fight the real boss.

Stage 3: Bad ship


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The ship will open its mouth wide and throw Brineybeard into the endless sea. To kill the ship you have to attack it uvula down his throat. Jump up and down to make your shots count. barrel it’s still there, so watch out for that too.

The ship has two attacks. The first is a fireball spiral movements. Jump or crouch to avoid him. The second attack is big beam. When the mouth closes for a moment duck down and the beam will pass right over you.

If you pull the uvula far enough, you hit the jackpot.

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