Crown of the Ivory King guide: The Garrison Ward Key cave

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If you follow the path suggested by the guide, you’ve killed Ivory royal crownThe first boss went to the disembodied voice and recruited three Knights of Eleum Loyce. In this section we explore an optional cave, collect items and the Garrison Keywhich opens the door to a campfire and the optional DLC area, icy environment.

If that’s all you’re looking for Garrison Keyyou must be over Aava, the king’s pet and spoken in the disembodied voice to thaw the ice as a prerequisite.

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begin in Campfire on the outside wall and go to the second campfire in the left house, turn right at the crossroads near the beacon, go down the spiral staircase, past the frozen fountain and into the building on the left before the bridge. if you have one flame butterflyTake the door farthest from the stairs. If you don’t, open the door closest to the stairs and turn on your flashlight first.


Go through the door on the right leading to the Bonfire of the abandoned apartment and light the four torches. This will open a large stone door.

Enter the cave, turn right and fight a flexible guardthe campaign manager nobody’s pier even. If you backtrack, it will follow you into the area with the torches, giving you a lot more freedom of movement.

Enter the cave, turn right again, then turn left just before your defeated enemy stood. Take a path that leads to the top of the room. kill them detention hanging down the street, and the other half dozen deductions They will break out of their meditative states and come at you in a nice line, essentially asking to be killed. force them.

Go down a level and loot a corpse Human Effigy x 2.


Go down the remaining levels and fight another one. flexible guard, hiding on the path farthest from the door. Loot the corpse behind him for him. Ornament key x 1.


As you exit the cave, watch out for a suspicious door-shaped section of cave wall to your right. Press the action button on the front to reveal a hidden door. Head up the path you discovered and loot a corpse Bone Fist x 1made for bumps.

Take the path from Bonfire of the abandoned apartmentThis is the first step towards using your new key.

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