Crown of the Ivory King guide: Inner Wall bonfire 1-1

Get off the platform where the pyre is, turn left and kill those detention In transition. Within these walls deductions Don’t sit thinking. They are your enemies.

Go to the opposite end of the hallway and pull the lever to open the door. There is a small hallway that separates you from the next room which is filled with two deductionsfrom them wizard and a Crystal Wizard.


imprison detention Stand to the right of the door and kill him with melee weapons or projectiles. That should convince you magician to attack, so let him follow you through the hallway where you can safely fight him.

Go into the room and kill the second one. detention and the crystal magician. For now, ignore items locked in ice.

How many areas of Ivory royal crown, there are objects and paths that are blocked by ice. Don’t worry about her just yet. we will be back

Go through the room, turn right and go up the stairs. Above you will be notified that it has been invaded by Holy Knight Aurheim. You have nothing to worry about at the moment.

Loot the corpse through the second ladder dried root x 2.


Go up the second ladder to a room where you have to fight two. Crystal Wizard and a detention. attract the attention of a Crystal Wizard and coax him up the stairs where you can fight him one on one. Repeat the process for the second Crystal Wizard then kill it detention. Yes, both Crystal Wizard Follow each other, going up and down the stairs until you create a gap and can fend them off one by one. When they’re down, go back up to send them detention.

Exit the room where the recently dispatched trio first appeared through the door that leads to a staircase, but don’t go down the hallway. Instead, turn right and go up a second flight of stairs. Eventually you will see a wooden barrel following you. That is Holy Knight Aurheimwho came to fight with sword and shield. He doesn’t fight much and you can easily defeat him on the stairs.

Now go down the hall with the stairs and open the treasure chest Lloyd’s Talisman x 10an item that allows you to perform the same trick as the deceased Holy Knight Aurheim made and fit into the environment.

Go back up the stairs and jump off the ledge at the top to return to the path leading to the Campfire on the outside wall.

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