Crown of the Ivory King guide: Abandoned Dwelling bonfire 1-2

the right road

At the crossroads, turn right and you’ll have to fight two invisible enemies.

The first is on the ground (unseen) behind a tower on the left side of the path. Like all invisible enemies in it dark souls 2, it is technically translucent rather than invisible. As long as you know you’re looking for someone, you should be able to identify them.

Before you fight him, loot a corpse on the right side of the path Prism Stone x 15. Then go behind the turret and take the first shot, aiming at where someone who is going to use the turret would be standing.


If you have a weapon with a wide swing like that dragon tooth We use in the video, equip it. Since you can’t lock onto your invisible enemy, sideways movement allows you to cover a lot of space and makes it easier to connect. If you lose sight of it or need health, backtrack to get your bearings and drink Estus in relative safety. You can also use Estus, but it can actually work to your advantage. When he’s drinking, you can identify him by the hovering HP bar that appears above his head. Search and destroy.

Increase your guard and go to the second tower, behind which another invisible enemy is hiding. Loot two corpses Golden Fruit Balm x 2 Y Great Soul of a Brave Warrior x 1 Then go behind the tower and wait for your invisible enemy to attack. Take him out using the same techniques you used on his friend.

This street ends in a dead end with a the Farro machine. Like many other things in Ivory royal crown, is covered with ice. You can’t do anything with it now, so save your location for later.

the way to the left

At the T-junction, turn left off the road leading to the Farro machine. Kill those in the middle of a covered structure magician In the door on your left. In this room, press the switch to activate the elevator and you will see a platform rise with a stack of coffins. It’s actually the same platform you saw on the way between the first and second bonfires. We’ll be back soon.


Exit the room, go left, then left again to kill a Bulwark Golem. Loot a corpse just before the stairs Green Flower x 8. Go back down the hallway on your right, up the stairs and open the door where you’ll fight five frozen dogs. They’re aggressive, so you can climb the spiral staircase next to the door and, if you’re lucky, take out four of them as a group. A fifth will go down and shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Go to the wall opposite the door and loot a corpse Human Effigy x 1.

Go up the stairs and out the door on your right where you’ll find a corpse to loot. Great Hero’s Soul x 1which you can press for 20,000 souls.

Exit the balcony and kill the approach magician.

Exit the room and follow the path up the stairs where you will fight another one. Bulwark Golem with spear and shield. Kill him and go through the door at the bottom of the stairs.

Drop down the ledge onto the missing steps and loot a corpse Crimson Water x 1.


Continue down the path, listening for the disembodied voice’s warning. Go up the stairs to the right of the structure at the end of the path and loot a corpse Eye of the Priestess x 1an item with which you will make your next fight Aava, the king’s pet Easier.

Go back down the stairs, turn right, go through the locked door on your right and down another long, flat set of stairs where you have to fight one Elite Knight.

Continue down the path, turn right and take out two corpses just before the next set of stairs Seductive Skull x 5 Y Defiant’s Spice x 1.

Enter the mist through the door at the top of the stairs, run forward (be careful not to hesitate or the detention in the hallway on your right will enchant you) and switch it on Campfire on the inner wall.

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