Crown of the Ivory King guide: Abandoned Dwelling bonfire 1-1

Go out the door near the campfire and hit it glass golem in the clearing ahead.

Walk on and while he’s pretending to be asleep, close and knock for a second. glass golem.

Head up the winding path and take cover behind the corner of a building like the third one. glass golem Attacks Fighting here protects you from projectile attacks from a magician ahead.

Go up the small ladder in front of you and kill them Wizard of Eleum Loycethen turn and beat a quarter glass golem who was sitting by the stairs.


Go back down the stairs and stick to the wall on your left, go past the tree and between the buildings. Go around the building, keep the wall on your right and enter a clearing with two deductions and a corpse to loot Dark Dance x 1a “hex that unleashes a great deal of darkness”, according to his description.

Turn around, face the corpse and go back the path between two buildings. Follow the wall on your left around the corner until you find another one. to loot corpse Embedded ring x 1This increases your stamina, stamina, and vitality, but increases the damage you take.

Backtrack between the two buildings and drop off the mini cliff between them. Instead of going back up the stairs, go to the right of the tree and loot a corpse Lloyd’s Talisman x 3.


Go up the stairs where you defeated them magician and the glass golem. Follow the path and turn left to enter the arched tunnel. In the distance you will find one Bulwark Golem, a large and powerful enemy that wields a spear and shield and is vulnerable to blows to the back. let it come to you If you fight him on the bridge, you could be hit by a ranged attack from a magician hidden in a building.

Cross the bridge, loot a corpse Radiant Lifestone x 5 and pull the lever to open the big door.

Go through the door, turn left and get the attention of all three. Hollow on the road ahead. Go back and they will follow you. Kill them and go down the path to kill them Bulwark Golem. Behind where I was standing is a closed door. you will need them Garrison War Keywhat is far.

Turn around and follow the path to a locked door. Open it and kill it magician inside. You will see two chests and one mockWho are all locked in ice. You can’t do anything about it now.

Exit the room, turn right, go up the spiral staircase and fight the Bulwark Golem block your way.


Keep going and your path will end at a T-junction. There are two paths ahead of you, which we will explore in the next section. Abandoned House Bonfire 1-2.

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