Crocodile Paper Bag Puppet (with Template)

Give your paper bag new life by turning it into a fun crocodile-shaped doll! We have prepared an elegant template to make the job even easier (very useful for teachers).

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Crocs are so much fun to make – this pipe cleaner croc is definitely one of our favorite creations (try it).

We love making and sharing all kinds of dolls, paper bag dolls (an absolute kindergarten favorite) are just the latest additions (and the collection is sure to grow).

This one is quick to make and you can make it 100% a craft project or you can also incorporate art – the alligator pattern here offers a lot of flexibility but we’ll talk about that a little later.

Are you ready to make your own doll? let’s make one!

How to make a crocodile paper bag doll using our template

What do you need:

  • our model (take it last)
  • Paper bags (pre-colored or have the kids color them)
  • colored construction paper or let the children color it
  • scissors
  • the glue
  • Black marker

If you have an “artistic” taste in this project, you can let the kids create their designs for the alligator/crocodile skin: use bubble wrap to stamp, fingers…


Step by step guide

Print out the model and cut out all the pieces.

If you are working with “blank” paper and paper bags, paint them and let the paint dry.


Glue paper to the paper bag. (folding page). If necessary, cut off excess paper.

Transfer the templates onto construction paper and cut them out: teeth from white paper, belly from patterned paper (if possible), tail from patterned paper, and tongue from red paper. Head, mouth and waves model on green paper.


Cut out 2 large circles of white paper for the eyes and 2 small circles of black paper.


Make your mouth. Start by pasting the red paper over the alligator’s mouth. Then glue a row of teeth.


Glue the black circle onto the white circle to make the eyes, and then glue the eyes onto the crocodile’s head.


Then glue the corrugated cardboard to the sides of the paper bag.


Glue the oval shape to the alligator’s body and the head to the part of the bag that folds up.


Draw details on the belly with a black marker.*

Fold the bottom of the paper bag (now the head) and glue the mouth underneath.


Glue on the tail.


Use a black marker to draw the nostrils on the crocodile’s head.

Your crocodile paper bag doll is ready!




Get the crocodile paper bag doll model here

Get the crocodile paper bag pattern here.

Project contributed by Jacquelyn W.

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