Couple quoted £1000 for under stair storage build their own – for just £175

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  • DIY is always the best way to save money. As this couple attests, you can save over £800 by building your own staircase for less than £175!

    Fields homeowners Thomas and Kayleigh Firth were awarded almost £1,000 for smart storage space installed in the hallway by a specialist builder.

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    Mechanical engineer Thomas told the latest deal, “My wife and I bought our first house last year and needed some extra storage. We thought it would be a good idea if you built a storage space under the stairs because there was nowhere else.” . “On property. ” . ‘

    Confused by the offer they received, the couple decided to take the job themselves.

    DIY stairs under the shed.

    – Our downstairs bathroom is also downstairs, so I’m not sure what’s behind the drywall. So I have to check to see if we can continue,” Thomas explained.

    When Thomas saw the problem, he started building a DIY storage solution.

    – After removing the drywall, I erected the mounting brackets to the concrete floor. Connect it from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

    He explained why he did this, “because he didn’t want the hull to move when the box was full and pulled out.”

    “I attached the brackets to the frame and made a platform to put the boxes on,” Thomas said.

    “The way I make the drawers is that all the joints are glued, screwed down and, for more resistance, doweled. They line up with the drawer frame so the door can be fastened and stay flat.

    Doors are made of 12mm MDF. “I cut out the corners and checked all the corners before routing the edges of the trim profile. They were glued and screwed into the box so nothing could be seen from the outside. This attention to detail makes It’s more appealing. This DIY works great.

    Kayleigh was responsible for the primer and paint of the MDF boards. They even added carpet tiles to the bottom of the box for extra blooms.

    Inexpensive hallway storage is ready

    “The project went well and took about two weeks from start to finish,” he explained.

    They bought all their DIY supplies from Screwfix, Homebase and Wickes. “For tools, I used a table saw, router, screwdriver, hammer, drill and circular saw,” Thomas said.

    “My main advice to other project developers is to make sure the frame and bracket are perfectly level and straight to avoid alignment issues,” adds the helpful Thomas.

    And always point to the drill and sink. Use the correct MDF screws to prevent cracking.

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    Do you have the courage to do this DIY?

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