Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

east Cotton ball snowman craft It’s perfect for preschoolers and preschoolers, it’s so easy to make and allows for creativity in decorating.

We’ve done quite a few snowman crafts over the last few days, some are already on the blog and more to come in the coming weeks.


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Whether you like winter or not, snowmen are definitely a fun part of it – I’m not really a fan of this cold season, I can’t even imagine running around and having snow fights in the winter snow. and all that as a kid, well, cold was a bit forgetful… But even as an adult I like to build snowmen… And throw the odd snowball as long as it isn’t “sent back to sender” 😛 .

Let’s make a cotton ball snowman craft

What do you need

  • cotton balls
  • white paper (letter size)
  • larger blue paper for the background, preferably construction paper
  • Glue (we used white school glue)
  • scissors
  • Decorations: buttons, sequins, scrap paper, popsicle sticks, pom-poms, fabric, craft foam… Whatever you can find, of course choose age-appropriate decorations (biggest for toddlers and preschoolers, smallest for older kids).

First, cut out a snowman shape from the white paper.

Apply glue liberally to the snowman shape. Start placing cotton balls until you fill the entire shape. You can let it dry a bit.

Add decorations.


We used two popsicle sticks to make the hands, buttons to make the eyes and the buttons, black glitter to make the mouth, the carrot was cut from orange craft foam and the hat is red craft foam and has white fingerprints decorated.

It remains only to glue the snowman on a blue background and display the illustration. Of course, you can also ask the children to make snowflakes on the bottom with their fingers.

I chose this beautiful book to go with this DIY cotton ball snowman! You can read the book with your children and then create it together.

little snowmen

More fun snowman crafts for kids

Do you have older children? You will love making this pompom snowman craft. Or if you’re still in the festive spirit, you can create this cute snowman ornament.


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