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Cookie Race: Kingdom Ingredients improve your team’s stats. Ingredients are one of the most important aspects of combat. Our Cookie Race: Kingdom The Toppings Guide explains how toppings work, which toppings work best for certain types of cookies, and where to find toppings.

Cookie Run: Kingdom of Toppings Explained

The fairings are the equipment system in Cookie Race: Kingdom. They give your cookies additional statistics. Each cookie can be equipped with five ingredients, with a new ingredient slot unlocking every five levels from level 15 to 30.

The fittings have putsSo if you equip a certain number (usually three or five) of the same topping, you’ll get quite a few bonus statistics. For example, your Scorching Raspberry Cover gives you ATK, but leveling up can give you cooldown, HP, or other bonus stats.

All ornaments have a size rating: XS, YesY METER. (No L or XL toppings. Stops at M.) The bigger the cover, the better its stats and the more you can upgrade it.

These increase your energy levels significantly, so it’s important to put the best ingredients in your cookies.

agricultural clippings

You can find toppings primarily through crafting Hot Air Balloon Expeditions Y complete the levels. The most difficult levels and the highest levels of Balloon Expeditions reward the best settings.

If you want to farm a specific type of trim, you can review the levels you have access to and cycle through them repeatedly until you get the trims you need.


Tap on the level to see the possible rewards in the bottom right.
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Upgrade with decoration pieces and coins.

Touching the edge gives you the option to equip, unequip, or remove it to get better East. Rarer ornaments can be upgraded to higher tiers. At upgrade levels 6, 9 and 12 you will receive a random bonus value.

it costs cut out pieces Y coins, and each upgrade becomes more expensive as you progress. After upgrading the disguise twice, there is a small chance that the upgrade will fail and you will lose disguise pieces and parts in the process. As you upgrade, the success rate goes down. You can level your decorations automatically when you have a lot of coins and decoration pieces. It will keep trying to flash them until it works.


Image: Devsisters via Polygon

You can find cut out pieces In the same places you can find toppings (mainly balloon expeditions and completing levels). You can also break down unwanted ingredients into topping pieces.

Which ingredients are the best?

Each cookie has its best ingredients, but with so many cookies constantly being added to the game, it can be difficult to keep up. In general, cookies of the same type use the same toppings. Next, we describe the best ingredients by type of cookie:

  • Cookies from the ambush: Striking raspberry toppings
  • Bomber Cookies: Filled with Raspberry or Chocolate Swift
  • Fee for cookies: Firm almond mixed with quick-cooking chocolate or raspberry toppings
  • defense biscuits: Solid almond mixed with Swift chocolate toppings
  • healing cookies: Filled with Raspberry or Chocolate Swift
  • magic cookiesPairing: Filled with raspberry and/or chocolate swift
  • remote cookies: Filled with Raspberry or Chocolate Swift
  • Do you support cookiesPairing: Filled with raspberry and/or chocolate swift

While this gives you some building ideas, you can check out the specific recommended cookie ingredients on the Cookie Run: Kingdom wiki. A handful of cookies do not comply with the above rules. These include Twizzly Gummy Cookie, which players recommend Juicy Apple Jelly and Searing Raspberry toppings for.

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