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A grid view of many epic level cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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When you start yours Cookie Race: Kingdom Adventure, you must form a team of five characters (or then Cookies) to fight during the game. has different roll and strengths. Our Cookie Race: Kingdom The character list guide will help you organize parties and choose your strongest cookies.

The crackers should be arranged in groups of five, with different crackers at the back, middle, and front of the team. Defensive cookies go forward, while harmful cookies generally go in the middle and support cookies go backwards.

Old Y Legendary Cookies like Pure Vanilla, Hollyberry, and Sea Fairy Cookie are super strong and stand out from the rest, but due to the in-game gacha feature, they can be hard to come by.


12 of the best cookies for updating and investing
  • Almond Cookies
  • Black Raisin Cookie
  • Dark chocolate chip cookie
  • cocoa cookie
  • cotton biscuit
  • herb cookies
  • Cookie Latte
  • perfect cookie
  • raspberry biscuit
  • Shark Sherbet Cookies
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookies
  • Vampire Cookie
All Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies

12 great cookies to upgrade and invest in

Our Cookie Race: Kingdom Instructions details Epic level cookies to invest in if you have any. We do not recommend spending your crystals or money in-game, but if you have any of these cookies you should consider using them. The game awards enough crystals for you to collect a large number of epic cookies to use throughout the game.

The list below is not definitive as many powerful cookies can be used, but here are some of our favorites.

Almond Cookies

The detective Almond Cookies is a support Cookie located in your backline. His ability snaps onto an enemy and spreads damage across other enemies, which is great for dealing AOE damage when you don’t have it.

Black Raisin Cookie

Black Raisin Cookie poses with her bird on her arm

Black Raisin does not come to play.
Image: Devsisters

melancholic Black Raisin Cookie is a ambush Cookie that will be in the middle of your team. His ability allows him to vanish and deal massive AOE damage to enemies in front of him.

cocoa cookie

The delicious and warm cocoa cookie is a The defence Cookie for your first line. She restores HP to her team and grants stun immunity while spinning in her cocoa mug, making her a huge PvP asset.

cotton biscuit

the fluffy cotton biscuit is an end result support Cookie that not only heals your party but also summons sheep that stun enemies and deal AOE damage. It’s a great cookie to use as a healer on your team.

Dark chocolate chip cookie

the former prince Dark chocolate chip cookie is one of the strongest burden Cookies currently in Cookie Race: Kingdom, and he will be at the forefront. Its ability deals AOE damage and also lowers the defense of enemies it damages, making it the perfect ability before using other damaging abilities.

herb cookies

the delicious herb cookies is a curator Cookie placed on your backline. He heals a percentage of his ATK stat and continues to heal over time. His ability also removes all debuffs, which is useful for getting out of sticky situations.

Cookie Latte

The beauty Cookie Latte is a the magic Cookie that goes in the middle of your team. Her ability deals initial damage in a large circle, continues to deal damage over time, and silences enemies, making her a force to be reckoned with.

perfect cookie

pretty in Pink perfect cookie is a support Cookie placed on your backline. His ability heals over time, increasing the party’s DEF and granting everyone some Debuff Resistance.

raspberry biscuit

the elegant raspberry biscuit is a burden Biscuit that will bring your team to the front. Its ability targets the enemy with the highest ATK and deals a lot of damage and inflicts an ATK reduction debuff. She can help bring down the big baddies quickly.

Shark Sherbet Cookies

the sparkle Shark Sherbet Cookies is a ambush Cookie that sits in the center of your party. His ability deals AOE damage and deals bonus damage to enemies with the highest health. The ability deals true damage, ignoring DEF and damage resistance when the enemy is a Cookie, making Sorbet Shark Cookie a formidable opponent in PvP.

Strawberry Crepe Cookies

Strawberry Crêpe Cookie poses with her crepe arms

Does it resemble the face of mercy?
Image: Devsisters

the delicious Strawberry Crepe Cookies is a The defence Cookie that holds your front lines. They deal massive AOE damage and offer damage resistance to Cookies with the lowest max HP in their group. You’ll see them often in PvP, similar to Sorbet Shark Cookie.

Vampire Cookie

the mysterious Vampire Cookie is a ambush Cookie that goes to your backline. His ability deals massive damage to the farthest enemy and restores their health. If you’re having trouble with boss fights, Vampire Cookie’s massive damage is a great way to solve your problem.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Character List

How many Cookie Race: Kingdom are the characters there? Below is a list of all available cookies Cookie Race: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Complete list of cookies

defect cracker paste position
defect cracker paste position
Old Pure Vanilla Cookie cure Behind
Old Holly cookie The defence Before the
Old dark cocoa biscuit burden Before the
Spread brave ginger burden Before the
common muscle cracker burden Before the
common strawberry cookies The defence Before the
common Cookie Assistant the magic medium, medium
common beet biscuit From far Behind
Spread Ninja Cookie ambush Behind
Spread angel cookie cure Behind
epos Werewolf Cookie burden Before the
epos Dark chocolate chip cookie burden Before the
epos purple yam crackers burden Before the
epos Kumiho Cookie burden Before the
epos Red velvet biscuit burden Before the
epos raspberry biscuit burden Before the
epos Biscuit with mala sauce burden Before the
epos milk biscuit The defence Before the
epos Cupcake Cookie The defence Before the
epos Strawberry Crepe Cookies The defence Before the
epos Moon Rabbit Cookies The defence Before the
epos Snow Sugar Cookies the magic medium, medium
epos espresso biscuit the magic medium, medium
epos Licorice cookie the magic medium, medium
epos Cookie Latte the magic medium, medium
epos mango biscuit the magic medium, medium
epos Squid Crackers the magic medium, medium
epos Rye Crackers From far Behind
epos Tiger Lily Cookie From far Behind
epos Cookie Pastries From far Behind
epos Twizzly gummy bears From far Behind
epos Chili Cookie ambush medium, medium
epos Vampire Cookie ambush Behind
epos Black Raisin Cookie ambush medium, medium
epos Shark Sherbet Cookies ambush medium, medium
epos poisonous mushroom bombing medium, medium
epos Mint Chocolate Cookies support Behind
epos Pomegranate Cookie support Behind
epos Almond Cookies support Behind
epos Puff pastry with cream support Behind
epos Fig Cookies support medium, medium
epos purple cookies support medium, medium
epos perfect cookie support Behind
epos herb cookies cure Behind
epos foamy biscuit cure Behind
epos Pumpkin Pie Cookies the magic medium, medium
epos cotton biscuit support Behind
epos cocoa cookie The defence Before the
epos Eclair cookie support medium, medium
epos Tea Knight Cookies burden Before the
epos filled biscuit bombing medium, medium
epos Caramel Arrow Cookies From far Before the
epos Cherry Blossom Cookies ambush Behind
epos Forest fruit cookies The defence Before the
Legendary Sea Fairy Cookies bombing medium, medium
Legendary Frozen Cookies the magic medium, medium
Strange Princess Cookie burden Before the
Strange Avocado Cookie The defence Before the
Strange gentleman biscuit The defence Before the
Strange blackberry biscuit the magic Behind
Strange devil cookie the magic medium, medium
Strange adventurous cookie ambush medium, medium
Strange pancake cookies ambush Behind
Strange cherry cookies bombing Behind
Strange Alchemist Cookie bombing medium, medium
Strange Bubble Gum Cookie bombing Behind
Strange carrot cookies support medium, medium
Strange clover cookies support Behind
Strange Onion Crackers support medium, medium
Strange Cream Cookies III cure Behind
Special sound biscuit ambush Behind
Special cookie tails ambush Behind
super epic Clotted cream cookie the magic medium, medium
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