Converting your garage could add £45,000 to the value of your house – here’s how to do it!

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  • It’s called the new loft: The garage is the latest room to consider moving in for families who are tight on space but can’t or don’t want to move out.

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    Now, a new study by Admiral Loans shows you can add an average of £45,000 to the value of your home – and you don’t need planning permission!

    Admiral Loans arrived at this figure by looking at Zoopla’s house price data and calculating the average square foot of living space to be £350.

    He then looked at the size of a typical garage (128 sq ft) and found that the extra space was worth £45,000.

    Converting a garage into a usable living space is cheap and relatively simple. But before you start, you should consider the following.

    How much does it cost to replace a garage?

    According to a report by Santander Bank, 650,000 of the UK’s 9.3 million private garages have been converted into bedrooms (the most popular option, 29%), as well as home offices, kitchens, service rooms or living rooms. bedroom. Another 470,000 people will be converted into additional living space.

    Santander estimates the average cost of a garage replacement after plastering and trimming is £6,300. It is much cheaper than moving and includes all fees and expenses such as stamp duty. Or £30,000, changing the cost of the average herd.

    If you have a permanent garage, the job is fairly straightforward and can even be done by someone with do-it-yourself skills. For example, if you had to change the structure or demolish your garage, it would be a more complicated job, including turning the walls upside down, and it would cost more.

    A local construction company is usually the cheapest option, but a specialist firm like this Garage Remodeling Company, warranty and construction services must be provided. Garage conversion companies charge around £10,000 for single garage conversions and £15,000 for double garages.

    Space Solutions Converting a garage into a living space costs around £11,000.

    As for how long the job will take, completion time can vary from 10 days to several months, depending on the job.

    Do I need a building permit to replace a garage?

    Garage remodels generally do not require a permit if the work is indoors and does not involve a building extension. However, please check with your local government planning department first.

    Converting a garage into a sanctuary or reserve is no easy task. In all cases, changes must comply with building codes, so discuss your rights with building control before you begin. Some councils also require a building permit if you want to significantly alter the exterior of your home.

    design gate Consulting on design standards and construction standards.

    Should I change garages?

    Before getting too excited about the extra space, consider whether losing your garage will lower your home’s value.

    “For a family with two cars in an area that plans to park or charge extra, a garage is more valuable than an extra room,” Rightmoven John Woodhall said. “But if you have enough parking space and you do a good job, changing the garage will pay off.”

    Do I have to move my entire garage?

    “A typical garage is about 150 square feet, too small to fit in a family living room with an open door,” says the group of garage remodeling companies. “However, if you move it into the open space of your house, that’s a lot of living space.”

    “For those with a double garage, the perfect solution might be a so-called ‘partial conversion’, where the front or rear of the garage can often be stowed away to accommodate a lawnmower or vehicle pedals, while the rest of the garage is stowed away was converted into a usable room.

    Many things to consider before remodeling your garage

    1. The build quality of the garage

    Not all garages are convertible; some are old, poorly constructed, and may contain asbestos. However, if your building was professionally constructed within the past 25 years, made of brick or block, and is structurally stable, you can retrofit it without much effort. Start by seeking the advice of an inspector from your local council building inspection.

    2. Practical problems at work

    See how a garage change transformed this home: Check out this 1980s Scandinavian home in Oxfordshire

    The garage is usually on a different floor than the house, so if you want a new room that is different from the rest of the house, you may need to raise or lower the floor or ceiling. Garage doors will need to be replaced with similar windows and tiles, so make sure your builder has the right materials for the rest of your home.

    It needs heating and insulation for year-round use. Plumbing, lighting and safety also need to be assessed.

    3. How will you use the space?

    If you’ve marked your new room as a study or hobby room, you can separate it from the main living space. If it’s a living room or kitchen, it needs to be seamless with the rest of the house, so it may need to go through interior walls.

    4. Does the boiler or meter need to be moved?

    It will cost thousands of pounds to move a boiler or gauge to another room, so pack them in light wood blocks. Using a light cream color on the ring avoids the claustrophobic, cramped feel that some garages can have.

    5. Will I damage my house?

    Yes, please consider carefully. For example, tiles and windows should be placed as close to the rest of the house as possible.

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    Are you considering using these tips to transform your garage? We would love to know how successful your project is.

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