Check out this cool Printable Chinese Dragon Puppet

If your Chinese New Year celebration needs a fun craft project, this printable Chinese dragon puppet is perfect.

This one is really easy to make and extremely fun.


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Dragons have always fascinated us, no matter where they come from. These magnificent fire-breathing creatures easily fascinate children and make them wish real dragons existed.

Wonderful in both strength and color, Chinese dragons are without a doubt one of the most colorful legendary beasts that ever lived. I hope I managed to capture some of that magic in this printable Chinese dragon puppet design.

Whether it’s a party at your house, a lesson in learning a foreign culture in the classroom, or just having fun with this mythical creature, this craft project is ideal for settings large and small. It makes a wonderful and easy to follow craft project for the classroom or can be a quick way to kill boredom at home.

Besides, I hope this doll will encourage your children to play with it after you make it, and organize puppet shows to please you, friends, classmates…


How to make a printable Chinese dragon puppet

What do you need:

Watch the video tutorial

Or follow this step-by-step guide

Print the puppet, preferably on thicker printer paper (especially if you are coloring the dragon puppet with markers), or use regular printer paper.

*It’s coloring time! On the paper with the doll, color in the middle third of the drawing. The left and right thirds do not need to be colored as they are not visible.

Also color the “accessories” on the other sheet.

*Fold along all the dotted lines on the drawing.

*Make sure the creases are clean. We pass a stick through the folds so that in a short time they are neat.

*Fold the horizontal and vertical dotted lines.

When all lines are folded, unfold.

*Turn the paper over, the drawing is facing the table. Fold the “third” side with the word glue on it. apply glue.

*Fold the other side over, cover it with “glue” and press down to set the glue.

*Now fold it in the shape of an M, since your folds are already nice and neat it will be very easy.

*It’s best to let the glue set a little longer, so we recommend using a clothespin (rather than holding your hands and waiting) to hold the doll.

*Cut out all accessories. Fiery ears, wild whiskers and teeth. Fold along the dotted line separating the design from the teeth and ears.

*Glue the props onto your printable Chinese dragon puppet (don’t worry, the design allows the teeth to fit the mouth and the mouth to open and close nicely).





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