Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ‘Biddybud Snow Stroll’ (Episode 3-6) guide



“Biddybud Snow Stroll” is the sixth level of Captain Toad: Treasure Hunterthe third episode. Each level has three big gems and a power star. Everyone has one too Bonus Challenge complete.

It is not possible to complete the bonus challenge of this level while collecting the Super Gems in Biddybud Snow Stroll. Below is a guide to help you collect everything. You can follow step-by-step from the start, or our helpful section titles and images will take you straight to any area you’re having trouble with.

super gem 1


  1. When the level starts, don’t start running. Most of the ice tiles will break off and you will fall to the lower level. You will want it eventually, but not yet.
  2. Watch the biddybuds as they travel a very specific path from one side of the level to the other.
  3. Wait for the Biddybuds to approach you and then follow them. Stop at the first Pluck Patch you come across. put it on super gem 1.

super gem 2


  1. Go back to the row behind the Biddybuds (you may have to wait for them to come back and start their journey again).
  2. When you go through the back right corner, which is next to the two Pluck spots, step on the tile in the corner. It will break and you will fall, but you will get up super gem 2 downhill.

super gem 3


  1. On the lower level, turn counterclockwise while dodging the fuzzies.
  2. Two rounds later you will see super gem 3 in a small alcove protected by three fuzzies.

power star


  1. Use the moving platform to climb to the top. Wait at the corner of the tile you step on to prevent the Biddybuds from passing.
  2. Stand behind them and follow them through the level.
  3. When they get to the front left corner, stop and go the other way. When you’re three tiles from the corner, wait at the corner of the tile to allow the Biddybuds to pass you, then head to the corner.
  4. Turn around and then walk three tiles along the wall where you will come to a fence. Turn around again and advance one square.
  5. Power on the last time and drop down the hole where a tile is already missing
  6. You land on the platform with the power star.

Bonus Challenge



To complete this level Bonus Challenge, you must complete the level without breaking any tiles. It’s actually quite easy and quick once you know the trick. Just like above, all you have to do is follow the biddybuds to the top of the level.

pixel toad


You don’t have to move from the beginning of the level to spot the pixel toad. Rotate the camera until the moving platform is to the left of the level. you will notice pixel toad Low.

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