Can My Dog Eat Olive Oil? 4 Reasons to Add Olive Oil to Your Dog’s Diet

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Because olive oil is a staple of the human diet, many dog ​​owners wonder, “Is olive oil safe for dogs?”

Not only is olive oil safe for dogs, it also has many health benefits. Read on to find out how you can improve your dog’s health by adding olive oil to their diet. But remember: you should always discuss any changes in your dog’s diet with your veterinarian first.

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1. It is good for your dog’s skin and coat

You’ll find that many luxury dog ​​food brands encourage the inclusion of fatty acids in their food. What they don’t tell you is that you can add these acids yourself by simply adding a teaspoon of olive oil to your dog’s food!

Olive oil contains phytonutrients, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids that help moisturize and condition your dog’s skin. These nutrients also benefit your dog’s coat, giving their coat shine and strength.

While you might be tempted to apply olive oil directly to your dog’s coat, we don’t recommend this approach as your dog will almost certainly lick it off, negating the benefits. If your dog suffers from dry skin, simply add a teaspoon of olive oil to their food. We recommend extra virgin olive oil as it has lower acidity.

2. It can help your dog maintain a healthy body weight

The monounsaturated fats in olive oil help break down fat in fat cells and lower cholesterol levels. Adding small amounts of olive oil to your dog’s food can also help stimulate their digestive system, as olive oil acts as a laxative. However, if your dog is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, olive oil should be avoided as it can make these conditions worse.

3. It can improve the taste and texture of your dog’s food

If your dog refuses or hesitates to eat his food, try adding some olive oil to change the taste and texture. This technique can be especially effective if your dog is eating dry or stale food.

4. It can boost your dog’s immune system and prevent cognitive decline

Olive oil contains antioxidants like vitamin E, which can help protect your dog’s cell membranes from free radical damage. Free radicals cause cells to over-oxidize, which can lead to diseases such as dementia and cardiovascular disease, as well as tissue damage. While most studies showing the effects of antioxidants on free radicals have been conducted in humans, antioxidants appear to offer similar benefits to dogs.


Add one teaspoon (for 30-40 pound dogs) to one tablespoon (for 90 pound dogs) into your dog’s regular food bowl daily or weekly. You can substitute coconut oil and fish oil for olive oil for a great succession of “healthy hits” in your dog’s diet.

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