Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Toy Craft – Flextangle Template

Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly with this engaging Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Toy Flextangle.

This paper craft template covers 4 phases of the cycle: the butterfly, the eggs, the caterpillar and the cocoon. So print out the model, follow the step-by-step folding instructions and have fun!


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If you’re lucky enough to learn more about a butterfly’s life cycle by observing them in the wild, this is one of the best ways to find out. Mais si ce n’est pas une option, or si vous voulez juste un bricolage sur le cycle de vie des papillons amusing et que les enfants peuvent emporter à la maison, ce jouet flexible en papier sur le cycle de vie des papillons est la choose do.

This is the first in our series of life cycle crafts and I can’t wait to do more (paper toys and regular crafts that kids can make).

Flextangles are one of the funnest paper toys because you can flip them over and over, which is pretty much perfect for teaching life cycles. Do you fold them? It may seem difficult, but they really are easy!

Ready to create yours? Grab our paper toy model and get started!


Flextangle Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Toy

What do you need

  • one of our printable designs (we have one for coloring and one for the kids to color in) – you can find both at the end of this tutorial
  • Printer
  • Paper (we use regular printing paper)
  • scissors
  • a marking tool: nothing special, a simple craft stick will do (or a pen, ruler, card…)
  • the glue

Optional: colorization support if you have opted for our black and white model

Ready? let’s make one!

Watch the video tutorial

Or follow this step-by-step folding guide

First, print out our model. If you printed in black and white, now is the time to colorize it.


Cut out the template along the black border. You’ll see that the two flaps on one side don’t have a black line, it’s best to cut in the direction of the line to the edge of the paper.


Now comes a lot of doubling and scoring. It is very important that you mark the folds as it makes it easier (if you don’t mark them it will be difficult to place them correctly). We just used a craft stick and it worked well.


First fold along all the verticals (these are marked on the model but on the outside of the actual paper toy).


Now fold along all diagonal dashed lines.

Now comes the part that might seem a bit complicated, but it really isn’t! “Roll” the model in a tube just to feel it.

You will see some white triangles with the word Glue on them. Apply glue there (start by just applying glue to one).


Now roll it back into a tube and press the triangle with a pattern that is on the opposite side of the tube onto the white triangle with glue. I know, I know, it sounds confusing, but it all makes sense once you do it (you can always watch the video to see how we did it).

Let the glue harden.


Continue with the next pair of triangles. And the last.


You will see two flaps on one side and a thin opening on the other side of the tubing. Apply glue to the flaps (there’s that word glue again) and press the flaps into the opening.

Gently press down to fix the glue.


almost ready to roll

Now leave it alone for a moment to allow the glue to work its magic and you’re good to go!

Your flexible butterfly life cycle paper toy can roll and roll and roll. The first few twists and turns can be a bit slow, but once everything clicks into place things smooth out.


Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Toy Flextangle Model

Click the link below to open the template. You can also hover over the links, right-click and choose Save As to save the template to your computer.

Butterfly life cycle craft template

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