Bugsnax ‘Toasty!’ guide: How to catch Charmallows

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When you first go to Sugarpine Woods, you will meet the paranoid scientist Snorpy. The genius will propose one of his inventions, the travel shotto help him catch the various Bugsnax they need. One of these Bugsnax is the Burning Charmallow.

In this Bugnax we will show you how to use Trip Shot and its environment to capture the Charmallow.

How to catch Charmallows


The trip shot “squeezes” the water, stopping the burning creature.
Image: Young horses over polygon

After getting the Trip Shot from Snorpy, you will be prompted to catch two Charmallows from them. Since this snake not only flies but also burns, you must use your new tool to capture it.

First you have to be there sugar pine wood Around 4 p.m. and 4 a.m., the Charmallows appear. You can now see several flying around, the easiest to catch is the one flying over the small pool behind Snorpy’s hut. This one is worth catching first as it will teach you some unique things about flaming Bugsnax, aka “sharp” creatures.

To catch this special Charmallow, place the Trip Shot in the water in the middle of the pool. Then scan the creature in the air with your snaxscope so you can see its trajectory. Once the purple path is lit, draw a line towards the back of Snorpy’s hut so the wire crosses the bug’s movement pattern.

Once the Charmallow touches the wire, it will fall into the water and you can grab it with your hand.

Normally, Spicy Bugsnax would detonate the trip shot when hit, and it’s also impossible to catch them while they’re still burning. However, since you placed the Trip Shot in water, the tool technically directs the water element through the wire, meaning it won’t catch fire if it hits a flaming snake. If the Charmallow falls into the water, its flames will go out, allowing you to catch it. Keep these tips in mind when attempting to catch other Spicy Bugsnax.

There is a second Charmallow that can be thrown into a pool of water in the northern part of Sugarpine Woods. To get there, look for the launch pad in front of Snorpy’s cabin door. Jump there and go left to find another pool of water and a Charmallow.

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