Bugsnax guide: How to catch Shishkabugs and Bungers

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To Bugnaxit is Wambus give you the sauce shooter inside garden with trees, learn to lure Bungers with ketchup sauce found on nearby plants. The farmer tells you that the Bungers will track the smell of ketchup on the ground and will also attack anything covered in ketchup. This is the first time in the game that you not only learn how to manipulate Bugsnax’s behavior, but also how certain creatures interact with each other.

In this Bugnax Guide we show you how to catch shishkabugs and bungers and how to change behavior with ketchup.

How to catch Shishkabugs


Image: Young horses over polygon

If you scan a Shishkabug, you’ll find that the path these Bugsnax travel is quite narrow, making it difficult to set traps nearby without scaring them away. If you get too close, it will head straight for a nearby bush. He won’t come out no matter what you do, so in the meantime place your trap somewhere along the path he took.

To catch a Shishkabug you need yours sauce shootersome Ketchupand a close bungee. Equip your Willow Slinger, choose your ketchup and shoot the bush where the Shishkabug is hiding. This should lure a nearby bunger into the bush.

If that doesn’t attract a nearby bunger, squirt some more ketchup near the bush until the bunger picks up the smell. Eventually the ketchup will pull the bunger down causing it to hit the bush which Shishkabug will knock out of the foliage and head down the path he set his trap on. Once the bug lands next to your trap, you can catch it.

Note that during this interaction, the Bunger may be within range of your trap when the Shishkabug spawns. If this is the case, the highlighted area around your trap will be red, meaning you won’t be able to catch a Bugsnax. When this happens, shoot Ketchup away from the bush once Bunger has chased the Shishkabug away.

How to catch bunkers


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Catching bungers also requires ketchup. The trick with these creatures is to force them into something that makes them vulnerable. Your first instinct might be to shoot ketchup at a nearby tree or cave walls, but that won’t work. The only thing that can make Bunger captureable is another Bunger.

If a Bunger hits another creature, the creature hit will be stunned for a few seconds, allowing you to hand-trap it without needing your Snak Trap. So to stun a bunger you need to collide with another bunger.

To catch a bunger, cover your target bunger in ketchup using your Sauce Slinger. Then lure another bunger by throwing ketchup on the ground at the creature you want to catch. Once both Bungers are in range, the non-naughty Bunger lunges at the other, knocking down the ketchup-covered creature and allowing you to capture it.

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