Breath of the Wild guide: The Ceremonial Song shrine quest (Dagah Keek shrine) and Veiled Falls

How to find the Song Ceremonial Shrine and Dagah Keek Shrine quests

It will happen Zora’s empire, past the Ne’ez Yohma Shrine. To start the search, you must find The distance, a young Zora loitering in front of the fountain. Talk to her and she will sing you a vague song. Talk to her again and she will tell you Trello, a man from Zora who knows more. During the cutscene he will show you exactly where to find it. (All of these locations are available in the gallery above.)

Talk to Trelloand he will talk to you about it ceremonial trident, that lost. In front of Trello, jump to the right side of the bridge and go to the landing.

Wear Krionis Build some blocks of ice in the water leading to the bridge. Wear magnesia and search the water to find it ceremonial trident, and pick it up. Pick it up and go back to Trello.

After talking to Trello a second time you will get a new waypoint on your map. Follow it to a labeled waterfall Veiled Waterfalls in the letter. Equip Zora’s Armor and swim to the Veiled Falls. Jump up and unfold yours paragliding.

Your goal is the platform in the pool at the base of Veiled Falls. Overtake, attack and drive ceremonial spear in the water and on the platform.

If you do, it will show Dagah Keek Shrine. Just go in, interact with a treasure chest to the silver rupee (worth 100 rupees) and meet Dagh Keek to get your ghost orb.

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